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Latest Headlines

Analyst: Expect Windows tablet sales to increase significantly in next 3 years

As the amount of enterprise workers using tablets continues to grow, Microsoft should have little trouble increasing the number of Windows 10 devices it sells, Computerworld said in an article highlighting the recent findings of analysts at J. Gold Associates.

Microsoft finally starts shipping 55- and 84-inch Surface models

Microsoft began shipping its Surface Hub conferencing device to business customers on Friday.

Windows devices trend to mobile computing, 2-in-1 form factors at Mobile World Congress

Several computer makers took to Mobile World Congress this week with new Windows 10 devices in tow. The laptops, 2-in-1s and other gadgets show the blurring line between mobile computing and professional devices and outline some form factors Microsoft is pushing in Windows 10.

Can Microsoft's Plumbago erase the uncanny valley for digital writing?

Microsoft today announced a new writing app called Plumbago that has a machine learning element that learns from previous strokes to make writing more consistent with a stylus and touch screen. 

Some users report that Microsoft Surface update finally fixes long-running sleep mode problem

Microsoft may have finally fixed some of the longstanding problems plaguing its Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices with a massive update announced Wednesday.

Microsoft starts offering more powerful Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 models

Microsoft Friday made available new versions of its Surface devices with powerful specs that make them veritable options for enterprise users.

Spotlight: Is Microsoft botching 'Surfacegate?'

Despite a new product release Friday, some experts think all is not well with Microsoft and its Surface devices. Microsoft expert Paul Thurrott wrote in his blog that the company's radio silence on the ongoing reliability issues that hinder its Surface Books and Surface Pro 4s is one of the worst public relations moves the company could pull.

The next Surface could feature a rechargeable Pen

A patent filed by Microsoft suggests that its next Surface device could come with a Pen that recharges from an integrated dock.

Microsoft's 'breakthrough' phone could be rumored Surface phone

Microsoft is working on a "breakthrough" smartphone, according to Chris Capossela, chief marketing officer at Microsoft.

These were the most important stories of 2015 and here's why you should care about them

The most important stories from 2015 – a hint at a rebound at Microsoft, Apple's impact on the enterprise, setbacks for women in tech and the continuing struggle of traditional enterprise IT vendors – promise to influence IT in 2016.