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Latest Headlines

SkyWest gives its 7,500 pilots Surface 3 tablets running Windows 10

SkyWest, operator of ExpressJet Airlines and SkyWest Airlines, has begun deploying Surface 3 tablets running Windows 10 to its 7,500 pilots, Microsoft announced on Thursday.

3 reasons why the Surface 3 is a better tablet than the iPad

Check out our three reasons why the Surface 3 may prove to be a better tablet than the iPad.

Good, Microsoft team for enterprise mobility push

Good Technology announced several efforts Tuesday to optimize mobile computing on Windows Phones and other Microsoft devices.

Microsoft bets on larger, more powerful Surface Pro 3 to capture enterprise customers

Dispelling rumors of a "mini" Surface tablet launch, Microsoft announced on Tuesday the availability of a thinner, more powerful Surface Pro with a larger screen, the Surface Pro 3, apparently targeted at the enterprise market.

Microsoft snubs channel partners in Surface deal with Delta

Microsoft has snubbed its channel partners in its deal to provide Surface 2 RT tablets running Windows 8.1 to 11,000 Delta Arlines' pilots in order to replace bulky flight manuals, Channelnomics reports.

Spotlight: Microsoft's new tablet strategy--Buy up iPads

Having failed to excite buyers with its Surface tablets, Microsoft has stumbled on a new strategy: buy up iPad 2s, 3s, and 4s from owners and give them a minimum $200 gift certificate for Microsoft products.

Microsoft's mobile missteps contributed to Ballmer's resignation, say analysts

Steve Ballmer's decision to step down as CEO of Microsoft was likely motivated by a series of Microsoft missteps, including missteps in the mobile arena, judged a number of analysts.

Information workers want Windows-based tablets, despite Surface's troubles

Information workers would prefer to have a Windows-based tablet, despite problems with Microsoft's Surface tablet.

Windows Intune to simplify enterprise adoption of Surface tablet, analyst says

Windows Intune, the cloud-based PC management and security software tool available on the new Surface tablet, should "simplify the adoption" of the tablet in the enterprise, said Forrester Research senior analyst David Johnson.

Microsoft plugs critical hole in Surface operating system

In an advanced notice of its security patches issued on Patch Tuesday – the second Tuesday of every month – Microsoft announced that it is patching a critical vulnerability in its Surface tablet's Windows RT operating system, which, if left unpatched, could enable hackers to infect the tablet with malware.