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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Microsoft adds new enterprise warranty, permanent trade-in programs to Surface Enterprise Initiative

Microsoft is beefing up its Surface Enterprise Initiative by offering a new enterprise warranty and service program for Surface customers via commercial resellers beginning in early 2016 and a permanent business device trade-in program under which business customers can trade their used mobile devices for credit toward the purchase of new Surface tablets.

Spotlight: For Microsoft, digital pen mightier than finger

Microsoft is mulling the purchase of digital-pen maker N-trig for $200 million, reported Ben Fox Rubin of CNet, citing Israeli sources. Before long, Surface tablets could be flooding the enterprise in the hands of employees, stylus and all.

News Scan: Surface retail partnerships; Customer-facing apps have many uses; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Wednesday, 1/15 including: Microsoft's latest efforts to pair Surface tablets and retailers for enhanced customer experience, why customer-facing apps are gaining popularity in the enterprise, more on China's multi-billion dollar mobility market, Mercedes' stance as top in an advanced assistance systems assessment and the clear text compromise of mobile payment info for Starbucks stores.

Microsoft tries to woo enterprises with Surface 2 tablets

Microsoft is trying to convince companies that its new Surface 2 tablets are perfect as an enterprise mobility device.