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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: AT&T is offering unlimited data for connected cars – just $40 per month

AT&T announced Thursday that it is offering unlimited data for connected cars for $40 per month to AT&T Unlimited Plan customers.

Google has reason to worry about AT&T-Cyanogen alternative-Android smartphone

AT&T may be working on a new smartphone using an open source version of Android developed by Cyanogen, which could have adverse effects on Google.

AT&T, Intel partner on LTE network to connect drones flying beyond line of sight

AT&T's Internet of Things team will be working with Intel to evaluate the performance of its LTE network at higher altitudes, to see if such a network would be reliable when flying drones beyond line of sight, the companies announced Monday.

Verizon will shut down its public cloud service offerings on April 12

A month after rumors surfaced that Verizon was planning to sell all of its cloud data centers, the company is officially getting out of the public cloud business. Verizon is the latest telco casualty in the increasingly competitive public cloud market.

Spotlight: Open source SDN technology is now quite pervasive in AT&T's networks

It just goes to show how software-defined networking is starting to become a big thing when major telcos not only adopt SDN technologies, but migrate a sizeable chunk of their infrastructure over to the technology.

Ericsson pulls out all the IoT stops at CES

Swedish wireless firm Ericsson, an early leader in Internet of Things (IoT) development, pulled out all of the stops when it comes to the IoT at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

AT&T now has 25M connected devices on its network

AT&T saw tremendous growth in the number of connected devices added to its network in the third quarter of this year, bringing the total number of connected devices on its network to 25 million.

Verizon to join AT&T in offering BlackBerry's Android-powered Priv in US market

U.S. wireless carrier Verizon may be joining AT&T in offering the BlackBerry Priv smartphone, the first BlackBerry phone running the Android operating system.

Spotlight: Microsoft restricts new Lumia 950 phones to AT&T in US

Microsoft admitted Thursday that it is restricting sale of its Lumia 950 and 950 XL phones to AT&T customers in the U.S. market and Deutsche Telekom customers in Europe, at least for the short term.

AT&T, IBM partner on mobile cloud security for the enterprise

AT&T and IBM are teaming to give enterprises tools to secure mobile devices, apps, connectivity and data using IBM's cloud infrastructure.