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Latest Headlines

Hackers see IoT devices as easy, lucrative targets, says AT&T

As more companies look to Internet of Things devices and platforms to improve efficiency and reduce costs, cybercriminals are looking at IoT as a lucrative attack vector. In fact, the number of times hackers have probed for IoT vulnerability soared a staggering 458 percent, according to a new cybersecurity report AT&T released Thursday.

Former AT&T employees deployed malware on its computer systems to unlock phones, carrier alleges

AT&T has filed a lawsuit against former employees for installing malware on its computer systems in order to unlock smartphones so they could be used on other networks.

AT&T adds direct billing for business data on BYOD devices

BYOD has caused challenges for companies trying to separate personal from business expenses related to smartphone voice and data usage. Well, AT&T for one is now offering direct billing for business data use on personal devices to its AT&T Work Platform customers.

Spotlight: AT&T teams with Telogis to provide connectivity for vehicle fleets

Wireless carrier AT&T and Telogis, a software-as-a-service-based connected vehicle technology provider, have announced a collaboration to offer connectivity for companies with commercial vehicle fleets

OpenDaylight's Neela Jacques talks Cisco and the future of the open networking project

When Neela Jacques left a position at VMware to take on the role of executive director of the OpenDaylight Project, there were those who thought he lacked good judgment, but two years and three iterations of the open networking project later, Jacques believes the project is well on its way to becoming the de facto software-defined networking standard.

Twitter, Oracle, AT&T join in on container standardization work

Just a month old and the Open Container Initiative has a draft charter and specification and has racked up some new, big-name members, including Twitter, Oracle, AT&T and Verizon, it announced today.

How Yamaha is moving everything to the cloud

As many companies are doing, Yamaha America is shifting its entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. Instead of leasing almost 200 servers, Yamaha has spent much of the last two years shifting to...

280,000 US customers' data stolen by overseas AT&T call center employees

Employees at overseas AT&T call centers stole the names and Social Security numbers of around 280,000 U.S. customers, according to the Federal Communications Commission, which fined the wireless carrier a record $25 million for lax data security practices.

Spotlight: AT&T, CompuCom team on enterprise mobility offering

AT&T and CompuCom, a Dallas-based IT infrastructure firm, are partnering on a new enterprise mobility product that pairs AT&T's wireless voice, data and messaging services with CompuCom's mobility products, mobile management services and strategic lifecycle services.

Push-to-talk updates from AT&T aim to optimize field worker communication

FierceMobileIT has reported on the challenges facing companies and fieldworkers exploring new use cases with mobile tech. But what about using the new tech to update older practices? AT&T announced Thursday a rollout of updates to its Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) service, its popular offering among construction workers, onsite technicians and any other worker who needs to hear radio communications without necessarily being heard themselves.