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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Ford gets musical with mobile; 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could be delayed; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for July 14, including the new mobile ad campaign from Ford, what popular Google app just got an iOS version, the hang-up that could prevent the 5.5-inch iPhone from coming out in 2014, the wireless provider with the best performance in U.S. cities and the disconnect on Cat6 manufacturers and mobile operators.

Net neutrality opponents now claim regulations are disrespectful to Obama

Let's try this one: The FCC has an obligation to regulate Internet communication, but only to the extent that it has determined beforehand the benefits outweigh the costs.

FCC Commissioner Pai: Title II for net neutrality 'makes no sense'

An FCC opponent of the Chairman's plan to permit premium service agreements by ISPs slammed the idea of Title II-style regulation for net neutrality, before slamming net neutrality.

AT&T, IBM, Verizon all leaders in managed security services, says IDC

AT&T, CSC, Dell SecureWorks, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Verizon are leaders in the managed security services space, according to the latest IDC MarketScape report.

AT&T breach highlights problems of delayed notification, third-party security

AT&T waited more than a month to notify customers that their social security numbers and other sensitive data were stolen by hackers. The company blamed the breach on employees at a third-party vendor who stole codes used to unlock cell phones and associated services.

News Scan: Apple to sell 39M iPhones in Q2; NFL Sunday Ticket to AT&T mobile customers?; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for June 10, including the projected sales of the iPhone in the second quarter, how AT&T wants to leverage NFL Sunday Ticket in its bundle deals, why clouds are rising in Europe, the content increase for Chinese smartphone makers and the expected greenhouse emissions for mobile devices.

Mobility and cloud are changing the way businesses do business, says AT&T CIO

Mobility and the cloud are profoundly changing the way businesses do business, F. Thaddeus Arroyo, chief information officer of AT&T Services, observed during a panel discussion at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium held here Wednesday.

The DirecTV and AT&T merger: So many questions, so few answers

As I take over the helm here at  FierceContentManagement  from my buddy Ron Miller, I find it somewhat serendipitous that one of the major business stories this week concerns two (and a half) things near and dear to my heart. Mobile devices and what content this way comes.

AT&T, DirecTV merger will reignite 'regulated duopolies' issue

In a market where Internet value can be tuned up or down and prices can be tuned to match, you don't need to be a monopoly to prosper.

Mobility will be key to AT&T's $49B acquisition of DirecTV

Mobility will be a key aspect of AT&T's $49 billion acquisition of satellite TV provider DirecTV, company executives said during a conference call about the transaction on Monday.