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Latest Headlines

Sprint one step closer to buying T-Mobile

While it didn't exactly sneak up on anyone who's been watching the wireless mobile space,  The Wall Street Journal  is reporting that Sprint is close to bidding on the purchase of mobile wireless provider T-Mobile in early 2014. In an odd twist, it appears the Department of Justice's antitrust settlement on the merger of American Airlines and US Airways may have given Sprint the final shove it was looking for. 

Microsoft, Apple undercut mobile WebRTC development

The lack of support from Microsoft and Apple for WebRTC technology, which provides high-quality video and audio capabilities for mobile and desktop browsers, is slowing the adoption of WebRTC, judged ABI Research.

Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile to gain M2M customers from AT&T's plan to shut down 2G network

AT&T's plans to shut down its 2G network are pushing machine-to-machine customers toward Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, according to a new report by ABI Research.

New AT&T Foundry center aimed at networking innovation

AT&T opened it newest Foundry center in Atlanta last week, aimed at developing networking innovation. The Atlanta center joins the firm's Foundries in Plano, Texas, Palo Alto, Calif., and Israel.

Mobile broadband tablet subscriptions expected to generate $20B in revenue by 2017

Mobile broadband tablet subscriptions are forecast by Strategy Analytics to generate 500,000 terabytes of mobile data traffic and $20 billion in operator service revenue in 2017.

Rising above the cacophony is so 20th century

Companies have already forgotten how they survived the dark ages of marketing prior to the dawn of data analytics. And those who remember won't go back. 

Apple gets patent for push-to-talk technology

Apple this week was granted a patent for push-to-talk technology, a stable of communications on constructions sites, taxi companies, and first responders, according to a report by AppleInsider.

AT&T rolls out multi-platform AdWorks Blueprint audience targeting effort

AT&T introduced AdWorks Blueprint, an audience-targeting initiative that combines anonymous data from the operator's mobile, online and TV users with insights from third-party data providers to help advertisers deliver more relevant messages.

AT&T initiative will make APIs available to enterprises

AT&T is working to make more of its API catalog available to enterprises so that business customers can then develop products and capabilities that will benefit their customers. This new API initiative will be unveiled in early 2014.

Strategy Analytics: Axeda tops M2M application development platform vendors

Strategy Analytics has tagged Axeda as the leading machine-to-machine application development platform vendor, according to a new report from the Boston-based research firm.