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Latest Headlines

Workers want tablet with keyboard, Forrester finds

Around 62 percent of information workers prefer a tablet with a keyboard, according to a survey conducted by Forrester Research.

Spotlight: Microsoft releases Surface Pro, RT tablets to 17 new markets

Microsoft announced yesterday that it's releasing it's Surface Pro and RT tablet sales to 17 more commercial markets, according to  PC Mag. 

Intel, Qualcomm 'missed the tablet boat,' says Strategy Analytics analyst

Major chip vendors Intel and Qualcomm "missed the tablet boat" in 2012, and their future success hinges on Microsoft's Windows tablet operating system, judged Stuart Robinson, director of the handset component technologies service at Strategy Analytics.

Apple iPad gains on competitors in terms of web traffic, says Chitika

Apple's iPads accounted for 81.9 percent of United States and Canadian tablet web traffic in March, up 1.4 percentage points from February, according to the latest figures from online advertising network Chitika.

Samsung takes on Apple's iPad Mini with launch of Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung took on Apple in the small tablet space with the Saturday launch of its Galaxy Note 8.0 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

BlackBerry PlayBook successfully separates personal, work data for BYOD

U.K.-based security firm Context Information Security is warning that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not ready for enterprise use because of serious security problems, but that Research in Motion's BlackBerry Playbook has sufficient security for the enterprise.

Spotlight: Russian Defense Ministry strips Android tablet of 'risky' software

The Russian Defense Ministry has developed a tablet based on the Android OS that has been stripped of all software that could compromise Russian security.

Microsoft's strategic thinking becomes clear with tablet announcements

Microsoft's announcement of the tablet vendors that would be releasing devices in October, along with the announcements by the vendors themselves, underscores the importance of the strategy behind the Surface tablet. 

Is there a Windows 8 tablet in your future?

There is no doubt that many companies are now supporting tablets as part of BYOD. But to date, the vast majority of tablets brought into the company have been iPads, causing some compatibility issues with Microsoft infrastructures and traditional Windows-based apps. 

Microsoft unveils Surface tablet in effort to go Apple one better

For IT departments, Microsoft has finally delivered a tablet that is sleek and well-designed, so people will want to use it, and that provides a familiar support profile, has familiar security requirements, and will fit into the existing IT environment. Equally important, the Surface will work with existing networks, existing printing, and existing software.