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Latest Headlines

POS system breaches can put small firms out of business, warns researcher

Every year, there are thousands of credit card breaches at small businesses, some of which are forced to close as a result.

Security breaches cause greater scrutiny of third-party service providers

Greater scrutiny is being put on third-party service providers after a series of security breaches saw hackers successfully exploit vendors and service providers to compromise their primary targets.

Target CISO takes over at a time of consumer anger with data breaches

Target's new chief information security officer Brad Maiorino takes the reins of the retailer's IT security program at a time of growing consumer anger at retailers for data breaches.

Despite high-profile breaches, firms failing to address third-party risks

Companies are failing to address third-party security risks, despite some recent high-profile breaches that resulted from poor security at third-party vendors, such as the Target breach that exposed 40 million credit and debit card numbers and other information.

Repeat data breach victims highlight failure of IT security programs

Despite all of the publicity surrounding the data breaches at companies like  Target  and  Adobe, some firms are still not taking measures to reduce their risks, and are suffering multiple breaches as a result.

5 tips for Target's new CIO

Retail giant Target closed out 2013 with one of the largest data breaches in history. Shortly thereafter the company's CIO became a high-profile victim of the negative publicity brought on by the attacks

'Off with their heads!'

CEOs and CIOs beware! Your job may be at risk if you don't take basic steps to ensure the security of your IT infrastructure and data.

News Scan: DeRodes appointed new Target CIO; Shared services and cybersecurity top state government IT priorities; more

The top news stories for May 1, 2014.

Expectant mother hides pregnancy from big data

Remember when Target outed a pregnant teenage girl to her parents by inundating the family with baby product coupons? Such was the greed in their marketing zeal that nary a thought was given to the possible repercussions for the girl. "Onward, by God, we have diapers and formula to sell!" was apparently their motto and motivation. Now women are going out of their way to hide their pregnancy from data brokers and marketers.

Target breach, Heartbleed bug cause high anxiety among IT security pros

The massive data breach at Target, which exposed the payment account number of 40 million customers, and the Heartbleed bug, which makes two-thirds of websites vulnerable, have deprived IT pros of much needed sleep.