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Latest Headlines

Target deploys beacons in 50 stores nationwide

Retail giant Target is turning to beacons to boost its customer experience. The chain began piloting beacons Wednesday in 50 of its stores so that shoppers may receive coupons for items on their mobile devices based on their in-store location.

Spotlight: CVS, Target deal will bring 'data security, privacy problems and HIPAA horrors'

Both Target and CVS have bad histories in handling sensitive customer data so what happens when CVS buys Target's pharmacy business? 

Most POS system breaches due to weak passwords or weak remote-access security, says Trustwave

Despite talk of sophisticated cyber criminals compromising point of sale systems with deceptive malware, weak passwords and weak remote-access security are to blame for almost all of the POS system breaches examined by security firm Trustwave.

Proposed $19M settlement between MasterCard, Target falls part

Proposed settlement with MasterCard terminated, as beleaguered retailer continues to grapple with fallout of security breach 18 months later. 

NitlovePOS targets credit card data using spam employment ruse

Researchers at FireEye have discovered a new strain of POS malware called NitlovePOS that steals credit and debit card data. The malware is being distributed through a spam campaign involving fake employment opportunities.

Never waste a good crisis: How to respond to a data breach

Any company can get breached these days. It's really all about how you respond to it that makes a difference between a bad situation and a complete disaster. Here are six tips for how to plan for and respond to a cyber crisis. 

Huntsman enters US market, brings new tech for 'actionable intelligence'

Huntsman, a subsidiary of Australian IT security company Tier-3, Thursday announced its entrance to the U.S. market where it hopes to challenge entrenched security and event management competitors. Huntsman unveiled new tech squarely positioned to capitalize on a trend seeing C-level execs demand more actionable insight regarding IT threats.

Target to pay up to $20M to reimburse banks for massive 2013 data breach

After more than a year and numerous lawsuits by banks, Target has finally agreed to reimburse the banks up to $20 million for expenses incurred from the retailer's massive data breach that exposed credit and payment card data on 40 million customers.

Symantec Report: 60% of targeted attacks aimed at small businesses in 2014

The news is full of data breaches at very big companies, so the illusion is that SMBs are safe from attacks. However, the opposite is true. According to a new Symantec report, 60 percent of targeted attacks are aimed at SMBs. Clearly this is a growing threat to SMB data but it is also a common route for criminals to take to breach larger companies making this problem a concern for everyone. 

BYOD helps keep customers--and employees--satisfied

Retailers are bringing BYOD to their associates on the retail sales floor for faster, more effective customers service, noted an article at Retail Dive.