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Latest Headlines

Offering free credit monitoring might not be best response to data breach, researchers find

Offering free-credit monitoring when a data breach occurs might not be the best strategy to satisfy affected customers, according to study by researchers at the University of Arkansas.

Judge rules banks' lawsuit against Target over breach can proceed

A lawsuit by a number of banks against Target for the data breach that resulted in the theft of 40 million credit and debit card accounts can proceed, a federal court judge ruled this week, the Star Tribune reports.

Number of California data breach victims skyrocketed 600% last year

California had 167 data breaches last year, putting personal information of 18.5 million citizens at risk--a staggering 600 percent increase--according to the latest data from the California attorney general's office.

POS security: The forgotten link

With all of the news about data breaches affecting point of sale systems, you would think that POS security would be a priority for POS vendors and retailers. You would be wrong.

Real customer appreciation would involve concern for data security

I don't know about you but I'm beginning to doubt the sincerity of these retailers that gush over how much they value thier customers after they suffer massive data breaches.

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Target says banks can't sue over massive data breach

Target wants a Minnesota federal judge to throw out a consolidated class action lawsuit brought by banks over the retailer's massive data breach.

Is Home Depot the new Target of data breaches?; Cybercriminals don't want fame and fortune; More

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Microsoft's Active Directory is missing link in Target breach saga

Once the Target attackers penetrated the retailer's network using stolen credentials from a third party vendor, they exploited weaknesses in Microsoft's Active Directory to get access to the core of its network, according to an analysis by security firm Aorato.