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Latest Headlines

Infographic: 2013 sets data breach record

As the IT security world continues to process the magnitude of the Target data breach, Symantec is confirming what many of us suspected--that 2013 was a record-setting year for data breaches.

Consumers fed up with data breaches, and the government is listening

High-profile data breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus, and most recently Experian, have received the attention of federal agencies, Congress and state legislatures and state attorneys general. Consumers are fed up with the lax information security approaches of major companies and that unhappiness is being felt in government at all levels.

33 lawsuits against Target over data breach will be heard by one Minnesota judge

33 lawsuits across 18 districts filed against Target over its massive data breach last fall will be consolidated in the retailer's home state of Minnesota, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation ruled last week.

Target breach: Court of public opinion not as forgiving as court of law

While Target continues to suffer in the court of public opinion, its fortunes in a court of law just improved.

Effective IT security program requires investment in people, processes

An effective IT security program requires investment not only in technology but also in people and processes, something that Target failed to do.

Banks sue Target, Trustwave for losses suffered from massive data breach

Two banks have sued Target for losses stemming from the recent data breach in which tens of millions of credit data were stolen. Trustmark National Bank and Green Bank N.A are also seeking class action status for the lawsuit, and in a rare move, also names security firm Trustwave as a defendant.

Target data breach fallout continues, as banks sue card security auditor Trustwave

Target is continuing to feel the effects of the massive data breach that exposed credit and debit card accounts of 40 million customers and personal information on another 70 million customers during the height of the holiday shopping season.

Cybercriminals have upper hand in IT security race

In this Editor's Corner, I'd like to take a deep dive into a cybercrime report prepared by the nonprofit think tank RAND, best known for its national security research.

Cybercrime black and gray markets are flourishing, warns RAND

Expanding black and gray markets for computer hacking tools, services and spoils of cybercrime, such as stolen credit card numbers, are expanding, creating an increasing threat to businesses, governments and individuals, according to a new RAND study sponsored by Juniper Networks

How Target's sophisticated security failed to stop credit card hackers

As investigation continues into the matter, it is worth keeping an eye out to see if Jacob was ultimately found to be negligent, or simply an unfortunately scapegoat in the human failings of her own SOC department.