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Telework is on the rise, but it just isn't right for everyone

Telework has become more and more common, along with alternative workspaces like coworking offices. However, it's important to know if teleworking will actually pan out positively for your company before you offer it to workers and have a plan in place in case it doesn't work out.

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Employees in highly regulated banking world can work anywhere with Accellion

Once Needham Bank gave employees access to corporate email on iPhones and iPads, the company knew that workers would soon be clamoring to do more work from the devices, said James Gordon, senior vice president of information technology at Needham Bank. Enter Accellion: a mobile content platform that allows Needham Bank to securely send files within and outside of the company.

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State and local governments upping mobility pace, but still have far to go

State and local governments are working to accelerate mobile readiness, but none are at full speed yet, a new study reveals.

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IT often seen as barrier to successful telecommuting programs

American workers love telecommuting options, but a majority of employers make that work arrangement a difficult proposition. In many cases, employees say the IT department is most to blame for their challenges when working remotely.