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Latest Headlines

Infographic: Mobility places demands on IT help desks but also provides ways to ease burden

Mobility is not only placing greater demands on the IT help desk, it also offers solutions to ease the workload on overworked IT help desk staff.

Infographic: Texting makes its mark on the enterprise

Texting is gaining popularity as an enterprise collaboration tool. In fact, close to three quarters of employees surveyed by secure text messaging app provider TigerText are using texting as a workplace communication tool.

Employers: 'BYOD' means you're on 'your own'

It's no surprise that a growing number of organizations are allowing BYOD practices. But along with that acceptance is a firm stand that the employee is then on his own, new research confirms.

You use your mobile phone to do what?

Using your mobile phone to make phone calls--that's like so 20 th century. The generation that grew up with smartphones appears to not realize that they can make phone calls using their mini-computers.

News Bytes: iPad is king of enterprise tablets; Texting at work; more

Check out the hot news in mobile IT for Thursday, 10/17.

Spotlight: One-third of Americans read, text or email while driving, says CDC

One-third of Americans--according a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention--said they read, text, or send emails over their mobile phones while driving.

Don't be a smartphone turkey at Thanksgiving

As we sit down to enjoy our turkey dinners, let's remember that table manners not only include keeping our elbows off the table, but our smartphones as well.

Study: Email addiction causes employees to engage in inappropriate and risky behavior

A new study from Osterman Research says email addictions cause employees to engage in risky or inappropriate behavior. The firm's second annual "Mobile Messaging Study" polled employees at businesses

Teenagers averaging thousands of text messages a month

The New York Times ran a report yesterday about how teenagers in America are sending text messages at a growing rate. And carriers such as AT&T and Verizon probably aren't capitalizing on this

Symbian software hides all communication belonging to selected contacts

These days, mobile phones or Smartphones are always with us. There are times though, when friends or strangers ask to look at our new-fangled devices and it would be rude to reject them. Enter Ghost