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Latest Headlines

Apple's diversity just barely improves in 2015

Apple has released it's 2015 diversity report, and it has just barely improved from 2014.

Spotlight: Silicon Valley top execs reportedly frustrated with White House stance on encryption

The meeting between federal officials and Silicon Valley leaders about further joint efforts the parties can undertake to combat terrorism turned contentious on at least one point, according to unnamed sources briefed on the meeting who spoke with The Intercept.

Apple's Cook doubles down on opposition to US government access to encryption

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been in the forefront of opposition to the U.S. government getting a backdoor to encryption used in Apple devices. In an interview aired Sunday evening on CBS's "60 Minutes" news program, he reiterated his opposition, saying that weakening encryption would help criminals and terrorists as well as the government.

Spotlight: Apple names Jeff Williams chief operating officer

Apple announced today Jeff Williams would take on the job of chief operating officer for the company.

Spotlight: Apple has no plans to merge iPad and Mac

Apple has no plans to create an iPad-Mac hybrid, CEO Tim Cook told the Independent.ie on Sunday.

Nearly half of Apple's business now comes from the enterprise

Apple revealed that it brought in $25 billion in fourth quarter from the enterprise market, nearly half of the  $51.1 billion in total revenue  for the company in the quarter. 

For Apple in the enterprise, it's all about partnerships, Cook said

Apple CEO Tim Cook said partnerships with enterprise vendors are key to its strategy of targeting enterprise users. "If you're a CIO … you want to do business with someone who's part of an ecosystem, not someone who's on an island somewhere. The island days are gone," he said. 

First IBM, now Cisco: Apple takes aim at the enterprise

Tech giants Apple and Cisco are teaming up to better integrate iOS products with Cisco networks, the companies said.

Apple sticks with plan to remain mum on Watch sales

Apple executives gave a few hints about how the Apple Watch did in its first quarter on sale but declined to offer specific revenue or sales figures during today's call with financial analysts to discuss the company's third quarter results.

While tech industry shares in pride celebrations, Facebook criticized by LGBT community

This past weekend, much of the tech industry was joining in the celebration of the LGBT community over the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states. But Facebook found itself at the center of criticism by LGBT leaders for its continued "authentic name" policy.