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Latest Headlines

Apple reports revenue decline after 13 years of growth, big drop in iPhone sales

For the first time in 13 years Apple posted a decline in revenue – including a 16 percent drop in iPhone sales – and the vultures are circling.

Apple says 9.7-inch iPad Pro is 'ultimate PC replacement'

Apple's live event Monday delivered what we thought it would, and the two stars of the show were the iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The latter might even replace the PC altogether, according to one Apple exec.

Apple software chief Federighi says businesses have reason to be worried by FBI demands

The war of words continues between Apple and the FBI as the company's head of software engineering took to an op-ed in the Washington Post to make the practical case for strong security features.

One of tech's biggest forces, Bill Gates, sides with the FBI in iPhone unlock debate

According to the Financial Times, the man who is, essentially, the man in tech-- Bill Gates-- has come out saying that Apple should unlock the phone used by terrorists in the San Bernadino attacks for the FBI's use in the ongoing investigation.

FBI director Comey, Apple CEO Tim Cook trade shots over iPhone security debate

The very public spat between Apple and the federal government continued into this week with FBI director James Comey arguing his agency's case on a legal blog late Sunday night. Apple CEO Tim Cook fired back with an internal memo this morning as well as a new Q-and-A website outlining Apple's stance.

Tech leaders come out in support of Apple in FBI dispute

Leaders from Google, HipChat, Microsoft and other tech giants are all backing Apple in its battle against the FBI.

Apple CEO Tim Cook challenges FBI demands to bypass security on iPhone linked to San Bernardino

Apple CEO Tim Cook Wednesday released an open letter to customers signifying his intent to challenge a court order for the company to bypass security on an iPhone linked to the December attacks in San Bernardino.

Apple's diversity just barely improves in 2015

Apple has released it's 2015 diversity report, and it has just barely improved from 2014.

Spotlight: Silicon Valley top execs reportedly frustrated with White House stance on encryption

The meeting between federal officials and Silicon Valley leaders about further joint efforts the parties can undertake to combat terrorism turned contentious on at least one point, according to unnamed sources briefed on the meeting who spoke with The Intercept.

Apple's Cook doubles down on opposition to US government access to encryption

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been in the forefront of opposition to the U.S. government getting a backdoor to encryption used in Apple devices. In an interview aired Sunday evening on CBS's "60 Minutes" news program, he reiterated his opposition, saying that weakening encryption would help criminals and terrorists as well as the government.