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Latest Headlines

Cable's broadband-only idea builds on VoIP success

Time Warner Cable (NYSE:TWC) CEO Glenn Britt admitted last week at an investor conference that the cable TV giant is seeing demand to offer a standalone broadband Internet service plan that does not

TWC will do its own VoIP

Time Warner Cable has decided its time to leave Sprint's services behind and strike out on its own with voice service. While cable companies have long had wholesale agreements with certain carriers,

Twitter Madness

Since we jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon at the beginning of March, the micro-blogging, 140 character phenomenon has shifted into high gear. We hope the little company finds a business model before

2008 Year in Review: Cable companies win, phone companies lose

Cable companies have plundered phone companies' landline sales with lower prices and triple-play bundles, a trick landline providers hope to ultimately turn back around using TV- but we digress.

SPOTLIGHT: Time Warner Cable 3Q VoIP count to 3.6M

Time Warner Cable announced it added 200,000 new voice accounts over the course of the third quarter. Voice revenues were up 37 percent and $113 million to a total of $421 million- a sweet piece of

Time Warner VoIP Good News/Bad News

Time Warner reported its second quarter 2008 numbers with good news on the VoIP front and bad news at AOL; it's the bad news that may lead to some other VoIP-related changes. Time Warner Cable (TWC)

Big four VoIP players win 12 million users

The big four U.S. VoIP providers now have 12 million phone customers after Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Vonage last week all released new subscriber numbers. Time Warner announced its

Verizon's VoIP inducement letter

Verizon has offered a subscriber a

Big cable V big telco

The big cable companies have taken the gloves off and have filed a FCC complaint against Verizon for alleged "retention marketing" breaches. Comcast, TimeWarner and a smaller cable

Martin embarrassed but determined

The crash-through-or-burn strategy of FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, ended in the latter on Tuesday, after a farcical day at the D.C. headquarters which saw the now deeply divided U.S. regulator sitting