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Latest Headlines

Time Warner Cable morphs into a digicom

Triple play came to Time Warner Cable's rescue in Q3 with both telephony and internet connections surging, offsetting another disappointing quarter for the video business. For the three months to

VoIP is here to stay

Latest figures from TeleGeography show just how VoIP, or digital voice as the cable companies like to call it, have become part of the U.S. marketplace.

BT joins the FON

Great Britain's BT took a piece of FON, the user-shared WiFi community started by the eponymously named Spanish firm. BT's 3 million or so broadband customers will be able to become "Foneros," taking

VoIP quality on the upswing

Conventional wisdom holds PSTN trumps VoIP when it comes to over-all quality, but the gap is closing, according to a study from Keynote Competitive Research of San Mateo, Calif. The study compared

FCC says rural telcos must embrace VoIP

We admittedly missed the beginning of this story, but we're pleased to be in on what is certainly the end of it. The FCC ruled this week that telcos are required to terminate VoIP calls. This

ADT gets comfortable with cableco VoIP

Alarm companies like reliability so if the phone service that carries the alarm signal isn't reliable, it's a big problem. That's why it's a big vote of confidence that Brinks and ADT are saying

NYT goes with Nortel for new IP net

The New York Times is moving into a nifty new headquarters building next year. When it goes, it'll be leaving behind an Avaya/Cisco phone system and lighting up an all-

Siemens Networks scores TWC win

One of the hardest tricks in business is launching a new business from within an old business without missing a step. Think of the way the old AT&T shakily launched its Information Systems

Time Warner Cable to IPO

So while some cablecos are talking about going private (Cablevision, anyone?), Time Warner Cable just filed to go public. It's not about raising cash--it's a way for partner Comcast to cash out of

Sprint expands on JV with Time Warner Cable

Sprint Nextel announced a major five-year agreement to expand on its joint venture with Time Warner Cable. The deal sees Sprint provisioning the cable MSO's "digital phone service" in an