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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Preliminary GAO report reveals usage-based Internet pricing already prevalent

Early figures from a report due out in November show that consumers are close to hitting a data usage roadblock that enterprises--which may use even more data--won't encounter.

FCC Chairman turns up volume on Verizon in wake of dingo metaphor

Tom Wheeler picks one comment from a concerned citizen, and starts a rallying cry that looks more like it's on that citizen's behalf than the previous rallying cry.

Going for broke, FCC's Wheeler calls for removing all limits on community broadband

Communities like Chattanooga, Tennessee should not be prohibited from expanding their broadband footprints, says the Chairman, triggering a states' rights battle.

Another side of net neutrality: The case in favor of Title II

Until recently, he was the principal spokesperson for telecommunications service providers in the U.S.--and yet Earl Comstock remains in favor of clear guidelines for Internet regulation.

Citizens for a free and open service bus

Unite, O Internet-i-zens of the world, behind the causes of freedom, openness and compatible software for every processor of every shape, size and color.

FCC Chair: Swallow 'commercially reasonable' or I'll sic Title II on you

It's wrong to assume that just because some Internet traffic may be made faster, other traffic will be slower. And other feats of linguistics.

FCC tries 'commercially reasonable' net neutrality compromise

Warning the tech press ahead of time to get the facts right this time, FCC Chairman Wheeler gives the public a taste of some interesting revisions to the Commission's previously struck-down Open Internet policy framework.

FCC to consider new 'citizens broadband,' 'shared broadband,' and revising 'rural broadband'

Just when you thought Twitter had made the concept of CB radio completely irrelevant, the FCC comes up with a new--and maybe even viable--use case.

A software-defined Internet: Would net neutrality allow it?

SDN is a very good thing when applied to enterprise data centers. Let's use SDN to improve the Internet! No, wait, that would violate the principles of fairness and freedom.

FCC Chairman Wheeler: There's the Internet, then there's interconnection

"Peering is not a net neutrality issue," stated the person now in the hot seat at the center of the issue of peering and net neutrality.