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Latest Headlines

Microsoft shuts down AI chatbot after it learns hate speech on Twitter

The Twitterverse's capacity to be just as awful as it is amazing reached a new high. It took Twitter users only 16 hours to sabotage the AI-powered chatbot Microsoft released into the world on Wednesday.

Apple starts Twitter account for tech support, tips

Following the trend of many big companies bringing their customer service to social channels, Apple today launched a Twitter account for its tech support team.

Google kills Glass social media accounts, focuses on Enterprise Edition

Google Glass can no longer be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site, and the Google Glass name is essentially dead, according to a discovery by 9to5Google. However, the Enterprise Edition of the Glass technology is just starting to awaken.

Spotlight: Twitter posts tweet few can read to inform about site outages

The Guardian has reported that Twitter suffered an extensive site outage during the early morning hours.

WhatsApp crashes on New Year's Eve

Popular Facebook-owned mobile messaging app WhatsApp had a major outage on New Year's Eve, according to Down Detector, a website that tracks outages and service interruptions.

Sprint tech installs MDM software on customer's iPhone without permission

Sprint took heat from Twitters users this week for installing mobile device management software on a personal iPhone purchased by Sprint customer Johnny Kim, apparently without his permission, reported CSO's Steve Ragan.

Padmasree Warrior likely to join Microsoft board of directors

It would have been a surprise if former Cisco CTO and Chief Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior hadn't surfaced at another technology company. After all, she's considered one of the most powerful women in the tech industry. And now it seems she has joined the Microsoft board of directors.

Now you can search for tweets from Google

Google is now allowing users to view tweets straight from the search results page on desktop browsers. Google originally made the tweet search function available in May for mobile users, which is the platform Twitter said its users prefer. 

Finally, historical Twitter search

Twitter is making it possible for businesses to search tweets as far back as the first tweet ever sent. On Tuesday, Twitter released its Full-Archive Search API, enabling vendors to let users search the entire history of Twitter.

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