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Latest Headlines

Twitter co-founder Dorsey returns to spearhead product development

Five years after Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey began programming the microblogging platform and roughly three years after Chairman Evan Williams pushed him out of the company, Dorsey is returning to

Twitter's Stone, Clearwire's Stanton talk transformative power of tech

ORLANDO, Fla.--Social media and mobile technologies are reshaping how citizens in oppressed nations are disseminating and sharing information, effectively revolutionizing the act of revolution, said

Locking down external social media could be counter-productive

Speaking at the AIIM/info360 Conference in Washington, D.C., this week, John Mancini, the president of AIIM talked about the changing face of business. Mancini indicated that AIIM surveys found 45

Are rivals poaching your talent?

Tough times for IT in recent years have generated a lot of disgruntled workers who have been secretly looking for new jobs for the past 12 months, experts caution. As employment opportunities start

The perils of Twitter

Social networking sites have proven to be powerful corporate marketing and public relations tools, but two recent high-profile incidents on Twitter reveal the unique dangers they harbor. Chrysler and

Why Jefferson County, Colo. uses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

The risks of employee use of social media came into sharp relief this month when individuals working for Chrysler and for Aflac posted evidently unacceptable comments on Twitter and summarily found

Study: Third-party Twitter clients generate 42% of tweets

Despite Twitter's recent assertion that about 90 percent of users now access the microblogging service via the company's official applications, social media analytics firm Sysomos reports that

FCM coverage at AIIM/info360 2011

As we attend sessions and stroll the expo hall at AIIM/info360 2011, we want you to be part of the action--even if you're not in Washington, D.C. with us. Ron Miller and I will be attending the

Open government strategies may want to consider security, governance...Sharepoint?

Back in December 2009, the White House challenged the federal government to be more transparent and better leverage social media by issuing an Open Government Directive. More than a year later, many

This week in Twitter: Charlie Sheen winning, the Oscars losing

We're all on a drug, and it's called Charlie Sheen. The actor/warlock/total bitchin' rock star from Mars is America's latest and greatest all-consuming obsession, dominating every screen and