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Latest Headlines

Most CEOs are a very anti-social media lot

A majority of CEOs do their companies a disservice by having no social media presence, two new studies reveal.

Infographic: What happens after a data breach occurs?

Major data breaches are happening all the time. Just last week, more than two million passwords from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and other accounts were stolen by hackers who installed keylogging malware on millions of computers. We all read about the breaches, but what happens after the breaches?

Apple gets big data analytics, buys Topsy Labs for $200M

According  to a report  in The Wall Street Journal, Apple acquired Topsy Labs for $200M. The acquisition represents a serious jump into big data analytics in social media for Apple.

Twitter's big data business side could pump its valuation after IPO

Twitter earned $47.5 million from its quiet side--its data business--according to  an article  in  The Wall Street Journal. That's peanuts, relatively speaking, but it's the entire circus that comes with it that's causing investors to entertain the idea of throwing big dollars in the tent. 

Spotlight: Joota introduces content-driven social network

Joota is a content driven social network.

If US attacks Syria, expect more cyberattacks by the Syrian Electronic Army

If the U.S. government moves ahead with an attack on the Syrian government over alleged chemical weapons use, the Syrian Electronic Army is likely to step up its cyberattacks on U.S. websites, warns a cybersecurity expert.

Twitter hacker claims to have access to every account

A Twitter hacker who uses the handle Mauritania Attacker claims to have gained "access to the entire database of users on Twitter" and posted 15,000 Twitter user details to the Zippyshare file-sharing service.

Researchers delve into underground market for fake Twitter accounts

Fake social media accounts are being used to distribute malware directly and to raise the profile of malicious sites on the Internet.

Wal-Mart's lessons learned for social media success

Focus on delivering customer value--not just 'being there'--delivers results for retailer

You may want to start paying attention to SnapChat

If you're not paying attention to SnapChat, perhaps you should be.