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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Hackers steal personal data on 600,000 Domino's customers

While pizza chain Domino's was busy launching a new mobile app featuring a computer-generated voice called Dom, hackers breached Domino's outlets in Belgium and France and stole personal data on more than 600,000 customers, Reuters reports.

Spotlight: Actual journalism prevails: TweetDeck was just vulnerable to misuse, not hacking

In a medium devised specifically to amplify the power of knee-jerk reactions, a software deficiency got trumpeted way out of proportion.

TweetDeck bug resembles earlier MySpace 'Samy Worm', says researcher

TweetDeck,  a social media management tool for Twitter, was taken down on Wednesday for over an hour to fix a bug involving a cross-site scripting error, the Washington Post reports.

Spotlight: Former NASA astrophysicist speaks on big data

Kirk Borne is an astrophysicist and multidisciplinary data scientist who brought us the TEDx talk "Big Data, Small World."

Social media giants embrace mobile advertising with gusto

Twitter's $230 million mobile advertising deal with Omnicom is part of a trend among social media sites to beef up their mobile ad capabilities.

11 IT leaders you should follow on Twitter today

Last month,  FierceCIO  reported on 10 interesting CIOs and tech leaders who are good to follow on Twitter if you're a Twitter-savvy CIO now or are hoping to become one. And today we're upping the ante. We've gathered the names (and handles) of 11 more engaging IT execs and leaders who Tweet about the latest-goings on in the industry, as well as about good leadership tips, quotes and articles. 

Bitly suffers data breach, asks users to reset accounts

Popular link shortening service Bitly late Thursday announced that it suffered a data breach and has issued an urgent security update for its users to reset their accounts.

Twitter buys Gnip, quietly builds $100 million big data business

Make no mistake, Twitter is a big data company and it's looking to get even bigger. Hence yesterday's acquisition of Gnip, added to about four or so other similar acquisitions earlier.  The end goal: Make Twitter a $100 million big data business. 

Twitter buys Android lock-screen app startup

Twitter has acquired Cover, an Android lock-screen app startup, for an undisclosed consideration, the Wall Street Journal reports.

10 CIOs you should follow on Twitter today

As a tech exec, your online presence can be a good way to learn about new ideas, grow your community and staff as well as solve problems quickly.