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Latest Headlines

Facebook join forces with other Web giants to tweak MySQL for large-scale use

Four Web companies have come together to add high-performance features to the open source MySQL database. For months now, engineers from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter are understood to have contributed code and provided feedback towards the WebScaleSQL project.

Stolen Twitter accounts are of greater value than credit card data

Stolen Twitter accounts are now valued more than stolen credit card numbers in the cybercrime black market, if you would believe a new report from RAND Corporation, commissioned by Juniper Networks.

Yahoo ditches banner ads, others may follow suit

The rise of mobile browsing means people are using devices with smaller screens with no room for clunky banner ads. Yahoo is ditching banner ads completely by encouraging marketers to buy "Stream ads"--a term the company uses for their native ad placements.

Spotlight: Lack of cloud app policies opens enterprises up to security risks

SAN FRANCISCO--Close to half of IT security pros said their firms do not have a cloud app policy, while 17 percent said they are unaware of their firm's cloud app policy, opening up enterprises to security risks from unmonitored cloud apps.

How a founder almost lost his entire startup to social engineering

An almost eerie reenactment of what happened to a  developer who lost his $50k Twitter account, with the only exception being that disaster was averted in this instance--though only narrowly so.

No, 'most' companies are not using big data

Companies not in the big data game now need to realize that it's not just their direct competitors they need to worry about--but a shift in total market ownership.

Syrian Electronic Army claims Microsoft, Facebook as latest hacking victims

The Syrian Electronic Army has been busy lately. The hacker group, which claims allegiance to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, compromised Microsoft's Twitter account, Xbox Support site and the Official Microsoft blog, as well as Facebook's Whois domain record data, reports Mashable.

Twitter rolls out new comprehensive analytics

Twitter has rolled out comprehensive analytics for Twitter Card users. Good move on Twitter's part in upping its game, albeit in a limited fashion. 

Most CEOs are a very anti-social media lot

A majority of CEOs do their companies a disservice by having no social media presence, two new studies reveal.

How a developer lost his $50k Twitter username

A story has been making the rounds on how developer Naoki Hiroshima had his GoDaddy account hijacked by a hacker who subsequently used it to blackmail him to give up his coveted @N Twitter account.