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Latest Headlines

Microsoft takes return fire from anti-Android Twitter campaign

Last week, Microsoft tried a Windows Phone marketing campaign on Twitter, offering a "present" to any Android user that shared a "malware horror story."

Black Friday: An early present for data analysts

Depending on one's perspective, last week's Black Friday, the official beginning of the holiday shopping season, is seen as either a disgusting display of consumerism or a welcome bucket of water for a starving retail sector. But now a new group has its own view of the now national American event: data analysts. To them Black Friday is like an early present.

Big data: The next 10 years

There was a time when the lifecycle of transformational new networking technology was 25 years. Asking where the industry and the society it served would be in ten years was not a difficult question. It's different now. 

Spotlight: Twitter spiffs up profile page

Twitter has added a new header graphic to the site's profile page.

Spotlight: Big data and the presidential election

While Facebook and Twitter are reporting voter sentiment, neither can claim an accurate reflection of the U.S. electorate. Not all voters are represented on social media, so the results could be as skewed as the telephone poll results that predicted Dewey beat Truman.

DataSift unveils data mining tools for business

The social data platform DataSift has introduced two new tools--Push and Query Builder--which aim to help non-technical managers sort through massive amounts of social data. 

Twitter founders launch new publishing platform

Twitter Founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams released a new publishing platform this week. Color me unimpressed.

The top 5 reasons management says 'no' to cloud collaboration

When it comes to cloud collaboration, the sophistication and thinking behind today's innovations are usually safer and more cost-efficient than traditional approaches. Yet, naysayers can delay, and sometimes even prevent, an entire organization's ability to upgrade legacy systems--unless they are faced with the facts.

National convention sites prepare for heavy cell traffic

The Republican and Democratic national conventions don't kick off until late August and early September, but the facilities in Tampa Bay, Fla., and Charlotte, N.C. are already being equipped with wireless signal boosters and enhanced connectivity.

Twitter trying to move beyond the 140 barrier

Twitter announced last week that it was moving beyond the 140 characer barrier, at least a bit. It will now offer media partners including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Der Spiegel...