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Latest Headlines

Data security, creature-comforts could be keeping business travelers away from Uber, Airbnb

Only 12 percent of business travelers use services like Uber and Lyft, and only 4 percent turn to Airbnb for lodging. The answer may be as complex as data security concerns for Uber and Lyft, and as simple as a desire for certain comforts that Airbnb doesn't provide. 

How technology, experimentation netted Uber 1,000 rides per minute

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff sat down with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick today to talk about the changing business environments driven by today's disruptive technologies.

Intuit's Workforce helps companies manage in a freelance economy

Intuit today announced the release of a product targeted at startups who make use of what's known as the on-demand workforce.

What Microsoft's reported Uber investment could mean for businesses

Last week reports began surfacing that Microsoft, and others, had invested a substantial amount in Uber. Uber is already widely used by business travelers but if rumors of a Microsoft investment in the company prove true, using Uber might grow even more legitimate for workers.

Spotlight: Facebook lures away Yahoo's CISO Stamos

Facebook has hired Alex Stamos, the chief information security officer at Yahoo since March 2014, as its new chief security officer.

Spotlight: Uber aims for autonomous cars to replace drivers – poaches AI, robotics pros from partner Carnegie Mellon

Uber is looking to soon ditch its drivers for a fleet of autonomous cars. But rather than collaborate with partner Carnegie Mellon University to pull that off as promised, Uber poached at least 40 of its researchers and scientists.

Ride app uses algorithm to pair up carpooling employees

Startup Ride has just launched a car-hailing app that focuses on people looking for a ride to work rather than a ride home from the bar.

Transportation mobile app companies: Social good and ties to the President

Competition is fierce between mobile transportation app companies Uber and Lyft. It's no longer sufficient to just wield big data successfully in matching riders and drivers. That part is a given. Now the competitive edge goes to the company that delivers a little extra in a very big way. 

News Scan: Uber pledges to help create 1M jobs for women; IT salaries remain flat, despite job growth; More

The top news stories for March 11, 2015.

Uber admits data breach after 5-month delay

It seems like Uber, the company that lets people order rides using a mobile app, is a magnet for controversy. In its most recent problem, Uber has delayed admitting to a data breach that has exposed personal information on 50,000 of its drivers.