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Latest Headlines

Choosing between Cisco and Microsoft in UC? It's not so easy

Selecting and deploying a unified communications solution is no easy task. But sometimes it is. Only the boldest of the bold truly like to play office politics, but choosing the right UC solution can be a very political decision, according to a  TechTarget  article.

Spotlight: Get smarter about software to make SDN and UC pairing a reality

As enterprises continue to explore the potential benefits of software-defined networking, one area that is piquing the interest of some is how SDN could improve unified communications.

Customer service focus needed to boost UC adoption among SMEs

For UC to grow within the small and medium enterprise space, vendors will have to find ways to differentiate themselves from traditional telephony providers. The solution? A customer service focus.

Acer enters UC market

Acer is making its first forays into the unified communications market. The company plans to release a series of new hybrid IP PBX products and a touchscreen desk phone later this year.

Cloud UC cost savings may not match perceptions

Those cost reductions you're hoping to see with cloud-based unified communications services may not be all they're cracked up to be.

Providing choice is imperative to UC success

When users rebel against a selected unified communications platform, it usually has to do with mobility--or features lacking in the UC platform's mobile apps.

As Skype moves into the enterprise, downtime is not an option

If cloud VoIP and UC providers want to gain significant traction, which appears to be happening, and keep their customers from seeking out alternatives, downtime is something that needs to become a thing of the past.

Spotlight: Will WebRTC disrupt established UC players?

There's plenty of curiosity about WebRTC, even if there's very little of it in production.

Multi-vendor environment remains firmly in place

A "pure" single-vendor unified communications appears to largely be a myth. Most enterprises have opted for a best-of-breed, multi-vendor approach as part of their UC strategy. And it looks like it will remain that way.

NetFortris targets mid-sized enterprise with WebRTC-based UC platform

NetFortris targets the mid-sized enterprise market with the release of a new unified communications solution. Today, the company launched its NetFortris UC-Ready Cloud Communications Platform, a UC platform based on WebRTC.