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Latest Headlines

Infographic: 3 measures for security at universities and large organizations

Colleges, universities and other large organizations should take three steps to secure their organization: deploy appropriate security technologies, conduct proactive risk assessments, and train employees, faculty and students on enterprisewide best practices.

News Scan: These universities offer best payoffs for IT grads; Project management continues to plague many CIOs; More

The top news stories for March 9, 2015.

Growing degree programs turn data analysts into the new BMOC

Colleges and universities are rarely accused of moving at lightning speed when it comes to addressing workforce needs, but they just may be bucking that trend when it comes to creating big data specialists.

Colleges and universities among highest risk for data breaches

While retailers and healthcare organizations have dominated much of the data breach attention in recent weeks, a new study finds that the nation's colleges and universities are at even greater risk for cyberattacks.

Are colleges already easing STEM skills shortage?

There is always plenty of debate on how serious a shortage the country has of STEM graduates, but now comes word that universities are beginning to offer new degree programs that will better train students in emerging technology fields.

BYOD now a fact of life for majority of college students

Bring-your-own-device practices continue to rise among organizatonsm but on college campuses they are taken-for-granted fact of life now.