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Latest Headlines

Dodgy Type-C USB cable kills expensive Chromebook Pixel

Google engineer Benson Leung blows the whistle this week on a Type-C USB cable that killed his Chromebook Pixel.

New SuperMHL tech could bring 8K video to PCs within 2 years

Even as most enterprises are still making a grudging switch from the venerable VGA connector to DisplayPort, the MHL Consortium this week took the wraps off its SuperMHL technology that it said is designed to succeed the latest 4K displays with support for 8K video.

'USB Killer' dongle that fries your USB port now on Indiegogo

Remember the USB device designed specifically to damage the USB port of your PC? Its creators have started an Indiegogo campaign in hopes of mass producing it.

Google engineer reviews, identifies 'dangerous' USB Type-C cables on Amazon

An engineer on Google's Chrome OS team is on a rather unusual mission – working through the USB Type-C cables and adaptors on Amazon to check whether they are capable of charging his Chromebook Pixel.

Hacker unveils version 2.0 of 'USB Killer' dongle that can destroy your PC

A Russian electronics engineer who previously built a malicious USB device designed to damage your laptop has now built an even more powerful malicious dongle.   

iPhone's biggest security threat could be USB connections

Apple's iPhone may be most vulnerable to malware when connected to a computer, according to IDG News Service.

New 3.2Gbps FireWire approved

The next generation of the FireWire standard has finally been approved by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1394 working group. Building on the existing Firewall