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Latest Headlines

Employees will have to adapt to evolving mobile device interface technology

Employees are taking advantage of the convenience of working with touch-based mobile devices after spending decades using PCs with keyboards. But touch-based interfaces may be just the first phase of the mobile revolution, with other interfaces, such as voice, vibration, and eye tracking, becoming more common.

5 essential features of enterprise mobile apps

This year has been proclaimed the year of the enterprise mobile app. But just building mobile apps for the enterprises isn't enough. The apps must enhance worker productivity by being powerful yet easy to use and intuitive.

Google takes 'quantum leap' with new cross-platform UI framework

Google is preparing a new user interface framework for its products across all platforms to be called Quantum Paper, according to a report by Android Police.

5 tips for developing top-flight enterprise mobile apps

The average smartphone has more computing power than NASA used to put a man on the moon. What does that mean for the enterprise? Those devices are being wasted if employees are just using them to check email and send text messages or play Angry Birds.

Report: Microsoft building Siri-like personal assistant for Windows Phone

Microsoft is at work on Cortana, a voice-enabled personal assistant for Windows Phone designed to rival Apple's popular Siri feature for iOS,  ZDNet  reports.

Apple's iOS 7 beta 5 brings Settings revamp, new Control Center options

Eight days after the release of its iOS 7 beta 4, Apple issued the fifth beta version, delivering a series of improvements and bug fixes.

Rumor Mill: Apple's revamped iOS 7 bringing unified black-and-white UI design

Apple's forthcoming iOS 7 mobile operating system overhaul will abandon the mismatched, texture-heavy design of previous versions in favor of a more unified user interface that is "black, white and flat all over," sources told 9to5Mac.

Report: Apple's iOS 7 will ship on schedule despite sweeping changes

Insiders say Apple will ship its overhauled iOS 7 mobile operating system on schedule, contradicting a Bloomberg report contending that dramatic software changes could wreak havoc on the computing giant's roadmap.

Norton adds new user interface to latest Mobile Utilities product

Symantec's Norton unit has recently updated its Norton Mobile Utilities to version 2.0, adding a new user interface to make monitoring and managing the smartphones easier.

Microsoft dumps Windows Phone's Metro user interface branding

Microsoft is alerting developers to cease using the 'Metro' brand in reference to the touch-enabled user interface integrated into its Windows Phone operating system, with sources telling  The Verge  that the change could be related to a trademark dispute with German retail giant Metro AG.