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Latest Headlines

Rugged smartphones gaining momentum in the enterprise, says VDC

The rugged smartphone is gaining popularity in the enterprise, providing a more ergonomic and touch-centric alternative to rugged "brick-style" handheld computers, observed Kathryn Nassberg, an analyst with VDC Research.

Strong growth seen in bifurcating EMM market, says VDC

The enterprise mobility management market grew at a healthy 17.7 percent compound annual growth rate in 2014. However, competition has prompted a consolidation in the EMM market, with a clear division emerging between Tier 1 vendors and the rest of the market, according to a recent analysis by VDC Research.

More vendors offer split-billing to enable firms to reimburse for mobile work expenses

More and more carriers, enterprise mobility vendors and split-billing providers are offering companies the ability to separate business from personal phone use when it comes to the phone bill, an option known as split-billing.

Rugged mobile device market sees turnaround

While rugged mobile devices have lost out to lower-cost consumers devices, vendor consolidation and improved device and operating system design have turned the market around, judged VDC Research.

Smaller field services firms drag feet on mobility

Many smaller field services firms have yet to integrate mobility into their field services operations and applications.

Line-of-business workers increasingly use smaller mobile devices, says VDC

The use of smaller mobile devices--such as rugged handheld computers and smartphones--to support line-of-business workers across numerous sectors is on the rise, explains VDC Research.

MDM vendors come up short on security

While BYOD has increased the productivity of today's workers, it has also introduced a range of security threats, such as malware, direct attacks, data loss or theft and social engineering.

Static analysis market anything but static

The static analysis market is taking off, fueled by the increasing development and use of software by enterprises, according to market research firm VDC Research.

Demand for semi-rugged smartphones growing

Motorola has begun to take the first steps in marrying the more sexy parts of a smartphone with a semi-ruggedized form factor, and I see these types of products in heavy demand in the enterprise if