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Latest Headlines

MobileIron unveils conference space reservation app Rooms, hints at shift away from email reliance

MobileIron announced Thursday the availability of its first productivity app Rooms, which hopes to eliminate any annoyances caused by the conference room booking process. FierceMobileIT spoke with MobileIron's director of product management, David Barkovic, on how the app is a shift away from the email-dominated enterprise of the past.

HP unveils enterprise tablet running Windows 10

As Microsoft prepares to roll out its Windows 10 operating system for PCs and tablets next month, HP is planning to launch an enterprise tablet running the OS in August.

Vidyo teams with Vuzix to bring wearables-based 'see-what-I-see' tech to the enterprise

Video collaboration company Vidyo is partnering with smartglasses maker Vuzix to bring wearables-based videoconferencing and "see-what-I-see" technology to enterprises.

Mobile broadband link key to new mobile stroke units in Cleveland and Houston

Mobile broadband links are key to two new moible stroke units being tested in Cleveland and Houston. When minutes count, the telemedicine broadband link enables patients to receive an immediate diagnosis from a neurologist.

Videoconferencing pitched as OTT killer

Mobile operators' ongoing battle against over-the-top service providers has a new battleground in the enterprise videoconferencing realm, where vendors are working to prove that not only are reliability and quality of service the domains of mobile network operators, but that operators can leverage those advantages to rake in revenues. 

Six ways IT can better support telework

Telecommuting offers well-known benefits to the worker and to the environment, and yet millions of employees who want to work from home aren't allowed to or aren't able to. One reason is that IT

Can you see me now? 2 reasons video calling hasn't caught on

A vast range of video-conferencing tools suiting just about every possible need has been around for years, and yet the technology is far from gaining widespread popularity. The reasons are both

What happens to Skype now that it is officially Microsoft's?

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) ballyhooed its "official" ownership of Skype Thursday, although there are a few regulators around the world yet to approve the 8.5 billion acquisition. The question looming

Polycom to lead videoconferencing interoperability group

The future of videoconferencing is starting to look up, as Polycom and the major telecom carriers around the world join forces to take the complexity out of connecting systems. The newly formed Open

Video calling remains elusive

AT&T (NYSE: T) Bell Labs demonstrated video-conferencing as early as 1964 with the PicturePhone Mod 1, but it's only been in the last few years that the technology's cost and convenience factors