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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Has mass media grown too big to cover Ferguson?

In a piece for his Web Informant blog this week, David Strom talks about how citizen-led news sources including Vine and Twitter have enabled more than a little coverage of the goings-on in Ferguson from the inside: from the point of view of someone in the crowd actually talking with citizens and confronting police, as opposed to some "anchor" on the street corner filling time between commercials and justifying his "lower-third" graphics.

YouTube founders challenge Instagram, Vine with MixBit video app

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, who co-founded video sharing site YouTube in 2005, unveiled their latest effort, video creation application MixBit.

Twitter's Vine stretches to Amazon's Kindle Fire, beats Instagram to tablets

Twitter is porting its popular Vine video sharing application from smartphones to tablets, releasing a new version optimized for Amazon's Kindle Fire. The free Vine app is available for download from Amazon's Appstore for Android.

Report: Vine shares on Twitter plummet after Instagram adds video

A week after Facebook added video capture features to its Instagram photo sharing application to combat Twitter's fast-growing Vine app, Vine shares have fallen off precipitously, according to data from social analytics firm Topsy obtained by  MarketingLand.

Vine teases new full-screen video, messaging features

A day after stating it is working on new features, Twitter-owned video sharing service Vine issued a series of clips hinting at what users can expect in the weeks ahead.

Facebook update lets users post images in comments

Facebook is rolling out new functionality allowing users to reply to posts by inserting photos. While Facebook has not yet formally announced the upgrade, the social network confirmed to  The Verge  that the new commenting feature allows desktop and mobile Web users to upload and share JPEG and PNG image files in response to status updates.

Report: Instagram adding video to combat growth of Twitter's Vine

Facebook will add video capture capabilities to Instagram, bringing the photo sharing application in line with rival Twitter's popular Vine,  TechCrunch  reports.

Twitter for Windows Phone adds Vine video playback

Twitter released an upgraded version of its official client for Microsoft's Windows Phone, enabling users to view Vine video clips directly from their timeline.

Twitter finally ports Vine video sharing app from iOS to Android

More than four months after releasing its Vine video sharing application for Apple's iOS, Twitter is making good on its promise to launch a version optimized for Google's rival Android operating system.

Twitter's Vine adds front-facing camera support, mentions

Twitter is rolling out an updated version of its Vine video sharing application, adding front-facing camera support as well as mentions.