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Latest Headlines

Mobile virtualization: Still not ready for prime time

Mobile virtualization has been a part of the BYOD security conversation for years, but is it a viable way to keep corporate data safe and separate from personal data on mobile devices?

After long wait, VMware vSphere 6 expected to be unveiled in February

Various reports hint that the new version will be a significant upgrade that focuses on the hybrid cloud.

Virtual machines can go rogue, warns NIST

Virtual machines can go rogue because of misconfiguration of the hypervisor or malicious device drivers and be used to launch attacks against the network, warns the national Institute of Standards and Technology in a draft security guidance.

When it comes to mobility, IT pros need to adapt or perish

If IT pros do not adapt to the new world of mobility, they will "become extinct," warns VMware exec Sanjay Poonen.

Microsoft Azure gets new tools to build, manage hybrid clouds

The annual TechEd conference for IT professionals and developers kicked off in Houston on Monday with Microsoft focusing on topics relating to cloud infrastructure.

News Scan: Pirated software malware threats; Virtual machine backup woes; more

The top news stories for March 25, 2014.

HyTrust gives enterprises nuclear-strike security

Security firm HyTrust has updated its virtual security appliance so that actions taken by a network admin can be delayed until a manager or higher ranking admin reviews and approves the action, a process that is similar to the U.S. Air Force's procedure for launching a nuclear strike.

Data-stealing malware creates backdoor on virtual machines

The data-stealing Crisis malware, discovered in July infecting Apple's Mac operating systems, is now targeting virtual machines on Windows-based systems, warns security firm Symantec.

The bandwidth risk in cloud computing

Security concerns continue to dampen enterprise eagerness to move applications to the cloud, but there is another cloud computing risk that could bring down doom if not anticipated: bandwidth

Spotlight: VMware Workstation 8

VMware Workstation has long been the gold standard for IT professionals to test and experiment with virtual machines on their desktops. Released last month, the new VMware Workstation 8 comes with