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Latest Headlines

Containers vs. VMs: Adding greater density, portability

There's some belief that containers are the replacement for traditional virtual machines, and although the two will probably co-exist for years to come, containers do provide some very specific benefits that VMs lack.

Virtual machine images used to test Edge browser used to woo enterprise to Windows 10

Microsoft has released free Windows 10 virtual machine images that allow developers to test the company's new Edge browser without having to upgrade.

Microsoft furthers hybrid cloud strategy with new management features

Microsoft is adding the Operations Management Suite to System Center, extending the hybrid cloud management tool to System Center.

Bromium beefs up endpoint security products with enterprise controller

Security firm Bromium has launched its Bromium Enterprise Controller to give IT security teams a centralized management platform for endpoint security.

Serious virtual machine bug VENOM could threaten cloud providers

An extremely serious security vulnerability called VENOM has been discovered that could allow an attacker to escape the restrictions of a guest virtual machine into the host system.

Dyre malware attempts to evade detection by checking for analysis tools

The criminals behind well-known Dyre malware designed to steal data and bank account information have upped the ante by upgrading their code to check for the virtual environments commonly used by security researchers to catch advanced malware, according to a new report issued by security firm Seculert

Mobile virtualization: Still not ready for prime time

Mobile virtualization has been a part of the BYOD security conversation for years, but is it a viable way to keep corporate data safe and separate from personal data on mobile devices?

After long wait, VMware vSphere 6 expected to be unveiled in February

Various reports hint that the new version will be a significant upgrade that focuses on the hybrid cloud.

Virtual machines can go rogue, warns NIST

Virtual machines can go rogue because of misconfiguration of the hypervisor or malicious device drivers and be used to launch attacks against the network, warns the national Institute of Standards and Technology in a draft security guidance.

When it comes to mobility, IT pros need to adapt or perish

If IT pros do not adapt to the new world of mobility, they will "become extinct," warns VMware exec Sanjay Poonen.