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Visa's Gajda: Mobile payment space is not fragmented, and NFC will rule the market

Bill Gajda, Visa's global head of mobile since 2010, sat down with FMC's Sandhya Raman at last week's Mobile World Congress trade show to talk about these announcements and Visa's mobile strategy at large. The following is a lightly edited version of that conversation.

MasterCard, Visa launch major mobile payment initiatives

MasterCard and Visa took the opportunity of the Mobile World Congress to launch major mobile payment initiatives this week.

Visa's payWave to be incorporated into Samsung's next-gen phones

Visa's payWave application will come pre-installed on all next-generation Samsung phones, in a new partnership between the financial giant and the handset maker.

Visa kicks off mobile payments partner program

Visa is launching a mobile payments initiative to accelerate the migration from cash to digital commerce.

RIM's mobile payment security tech earns Visa approval

Visa has approved Research In Motion's Secure Element Manager technology for Near Field Communications-enabled mobile payments.

Visa's Gajda: NFC will allow mobile payments to hit the mainstream

At the helm of Visa's mobile strategy is industry veteran Bill Gajda, Visa's global head of mobile. Gajda, who has been in the position since 2010, previously served as a chief executive at the GSMA.  FierceMobileContent 's Sandhya Raman recently spoke with Gajda about the future of mobile payments and the importance of NFC.

Visa's V.me digital wallet exits beta, mobile apps due in early 2013

Visa announced its V.me digital wallet has exited beta, touting support from more than 50 financial institutions as well as close to two dozen merchant partners.

Visa's data center with a moat

Visa's new data center, in an undisclosed location "somewhere on the eastern seaboard," is creating quite a stir for its purported fortifications and defenses. The company says the center can hold up

Visa, Orange team on mobile payments for emerging markets

BARCELONA, Spain--France Telecom-Orange is partnering with financial services giant Visa to introduce new payment functionality to Orange Money customers in Africa and the Middle East. Launched in

Visa teams with shopkick for mobile purchase rewards

With the Black Friday shopping frenzy looming, Visa is partnering with mobile retail solutions provider shopkick to offer cardholders rewards points at the point of sale. The shopkick solution awards