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Latest Headlines

Akamai: We can defend against DDoS attacks from Anon

In the wake of widely-reported Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks on sites such as PayPal, Mastercard and Visa, content delivery network (CDN) provider Akamai said that it has the capability to

WikiLeaks supporters launch cyber attacks on alleged opponents

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and others have come under DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks by a group of online activist called Anonymous over the last week for withdrawing their services to

Amazon: WikiLeaks disconnected for SLA violation

Amazon has finally come forward and explained that it pulled the plug on the servers used to host Wikileaks for breach of its service level agreement, and not because of pressure from the U.S.

Visa names GSMA vet Gadja to head mobile efforts

Payment and credit solutions giant Visa announced the appointment of Bill Gadja as head of mobile--Gadja currently serves as chief commercial officer with the GSM Association global trade group,

Visa expands transaction alerts to North America

Global payments solution giant Visa announced the North American rollout of a transaction alerts platform enabling card issuers to send real-time notifications to customers via email, SMS or the Visa

Visa acquires $13 million stake in Monitise

Mobile banking solutions firm Monitise announced a five-year global strategic alliance agreement with payment and credit services giant Visa to develop a suite of mobile services, including payments,

Visa introduces Android mobile payment app

Payment and credit solutions Goliath Visa announced its Visa Mobile payment services are now operational across devices powered by Google's Android operating system. According to Visa, the Android

Visa expands m-payment services via Android, Nokia

Electronic payment services giant Visa said it plans to make mobile payment services broadly available to U.S. consumers by year's end, announcing a series of new initiatives including efforts to

Visa, Chase charge into mobile marketing effort

Payment and credit solutions goliath Visa announced an agreement with financial services firm JPMorgan Chase to launch a consumer pilot delivering merchant offers directly to Chase credit and debit

Visa debuts real-time mobile transaction alerts

Payment and credit solutions goliath Visa announced agreements with eight North American financial institutions to launch a pilot program testing delivery of real-time transaction notification alerts