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Latest Headlines

Wanted: Dedicated mobility manager

Enterprises need to appoint a dedicated mobility manager to handle the challenges and opportunities that the flood of mobile devices and data present.

BYOD resources go to the top of the corporate ladder, says report

Executive benefits are nothing new. There are concierge services to make time in the C-suite more comfortable and golden parachutes when the executives leave, but one unexpected perk is doled out by the IT department: bring your own device.

Ballooning BYOD costs can be tough to control

Shifting from company-owned smartphones to BYOD--where employees own the phone and the company pays the business-related bill--has made tracking the cost of mobile devices much more difficult. The result can be wildly higher costs instead of hoped-for BYOD savings, says Bzur Haun, CEO of Visage Mobile, a mobile-expense tracking service.