Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

AirWatch invites security firms to integrate with its platform

AirWatch planned to announce today that it will let partner vendors, including FireEye and Palo Alto Networks, integrate their own security software into the AirWatch platform.

VMware talks containers, integration with vSphere at VMworld

Unsurprisingly, VMware had a laundry list of announcements to make at its annual VMworld conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Included in that list of announcements is an interesting one that shows VMware getting into the container game.

Platform9 hopes to break barriers in OpenStack adoption

Platform9 is showing off its Managed OpenStack for VMware vSphere offering this week at VMworld. The Software-as-a-Service offering is now in general availability and promises public cloud-like agile, self-service provisioning, but in a private cloud.

Cloud Cruiser helps track hybrid cloud usage, costs

The latest cloud usage tracker tool comes from Cloud Cruiser, and its aim is to provide analysis of hybrid cloud usage. Dubbed CloudSmart-Now, the analytics tool provides the ability to track hybrid cloud usage by user and costs so organizations can better understand both the operational and financial costs associated with the cloud services they use.

ClusterHQ adds vSphere plugin to Flocker container management app

ClusterHQ has integrated its Flocker container data management application with VMware vSphere to provide vSphere with portable and persistent shared storage for organizations also using Docker.

Firms balk at mobilizing core business processes

Only 17 percent of companies surveyed by VMware have pulled the trigger and mobilized at least one of their core business processes, according to VMware's Business Mobility Report released on Tuesday.

CloudMunch aims to speed app deployment with CloudOps

CloudMunch has made its CloudOps product generally available, and it comes equipped with the ability to build, scale and manage infrastructure and applications across IT environments. But more specifically, it's another pre-VMworld announcement, in that it runs natively on several public clouds, including (as noted in the press release) VMware vCloud Air.

Rackspace teams with AirVM to expand vCloud-based private cloud

Rackspace has partnered with AirVM, a cloud management vendor, to increase the speed of delivering cloud services on the Rackspace Private Cloud by VMware vCloud. It looks to be a good pairing, as Rackspace differentiates itself in cloud computing by focusing on providing managed cloud services, whereas AirVM build tools to help manage cloud. Specifically, Rackspace will take advantage of AirVM's AirSembly software to help speed up cloud service delivery.

Skyport Systems unveils SkySecure secure server with VMware templates

Skyport Systems began shipping on Tuesday its newest offering SkySecure, a cloud-managed on-premise secure enterprise server with custom templates for VMware vCenter.

VMware aims to make you 'Ready for Any'

With the number of pre-conference announcements I've already received in the last few days, it feels like VMworld should be starting today rather than next week. And it just goes to show how sizeable the VMware-focused conference has really become.