Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft furthers hybrid cloud strategy with new management features

Microsoft is adding the Operations Management Suite to System Center, extending the hybrid cloud management tool to System Center.

Docker, CoreOS, plus everyone else in cloud come together for Open Container Project

The idea of a standard container runtime and image format may not be far off. Docker and CoreOS, as well as practically everyone who's anyone in cloud, have teamed up to form a new Linux Foundation initiative.

VMware unveils mobile identity manager, beefs up iOS device support

VMware unveiled Monday its VMware Identity Manager, which offers a single sign-on system for access to enterprise apps as well as integration with its AirWatch enterprise mobility management platform.

Wells Fargo exec: OpenStack should make way for legacy apps because they aren't going away

While some vendors may argue that OpenStack just isn't suitable for running legacy apps, businesses say it's a requirement that they be able to run such apps in OpenStack. Rather than force a reworking of legacy apps to fit the cloud, better for the OpenStack community to figure out how to make OpenStack friendlier to legacy apps, an executive from Wells Fargo said during a panel at the OpenStack Summit.

Docker Inc. walks a tightrope

While Docker dominates the container conversation right now, it's far from certain that it will continue to do so in the future. Despite the thriving ecosystem of companies around the Docker technology, Docker Inc.'s acquisition strategy has made some businesses wary of building on top of the container. Plus, this renewed interest in containers may be opening doors for new and old container technologies, strengthening the competition against Docker.

Microsoft Stacks the deck at Ignite

It's conference season for Microsoft. Last week, we covered news from the company's developer-oriented Build conference. And this week, Microsoft is deep into the more general purpose Ignite conference.

Watch out, Docker: Red Hat, VMware, Google, Apcera now support CoreOS's Rocket

CoreOS, which built its business on Docker but has since developed its own competitive container technology, may very well give the top containerization company a run for its money. At the kickoff of its inaugural CoreOS Fest event in San Francisco, the company announced a handful of big guns, including Google, Red Hat, VMware and Apcera, as supporters of its Rocket container technology.

VMware launches 2 open source projects supporting containers, microservices

VMware launched two new open source projects that help it to play in the growing containerization and microservices markets.

Analyst: OpenStack may be what's holding back Helion adoption

Last week, reports indicated that HP saw the light--or lack of it--and planned to exit the public cloud market. Of course, it's not true.

Microsoft woos developers with Nano Server, Hyper-V containers

Microsoft is taking aim at Google, Amazon Web Services and its other public cloud competitors with the launch of Nano Server and Hyper-V containerization technology.