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Latest Headlines

Sophos to release significant update of its enterprise mobile management system

Sophos Mobile Control 2.5, despite its mid-version name, is a significant upgrade to the company's mobile management software.

Ericsson delivers first LTE business gateway, receives Verizon certification

Ericsson Converged Workspace is essentially an office in a box that provides office communications using an LTE link from Verizon Wireless.

The wireless industry needs new ideas in managing spectrum shortage

Wireless companies do have options beyond just buying up spectrum.

AT&T launches free mobile VoIP app for cheap international calling

AT&T (NYSE: T) announced AT&T Call International, a free mobile VoIP app that offers international long-distance calling at competitive rates. AT&T smartphone customers can use the app to

Vonage bolsters mobile and international calling with Extensions initiative

Vonage, which has primarily focused on getting consumers to switch their home phones to its VoIP service, announced a big initiative in the mobile space by introducing Vonage Extensions, which

Last of IPv4 addresses doled out

The final chunks of IPv4 addresses were doled out last week, and after those are distributed to their ultimate address holders, anyone looking for a new address will have to turn to the IPv6

Analyst: Why Google Voice isn't a game changer

Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) new voice-over-IP calling via Gmail service may be cool and convenient in some circumstances, but it's no game changer, says Forrester Research analyst Charles Golvin. Far

Google rumored to be creating web-based calling via Gmail Chat

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is working on a way to enable users to make calls directly from their Gmail chat box, according to an article by CNET's Tom Krazit. Google declined to comment on the report, but

Skype's 3G iPhone app finally live

Skype 2.0 for iPhone (NASDAQ: AAPL) with the ability to make calls over AT&T's (NYSE: T) 3G network has finally gone live. Skype, however, plans to begin charging a small fee for Skype-to-Skype

Microsoft champions unified communications

Microsoft made a concerted advance into Cisco and Avaya's enterprise telephony territory this week with the unveiling of its Office Communications Server 14, which combines voice-over-IP, instant