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Latest Headlines

As Skype moves into the enterprise, downtime is not an option

If cloud VoIP and UC providers want to gain significant traction, which appears to be happening, and keep their customers from seeking out alternatives, downtime is something that needs to become a thing of the past.

Mobility drives UC while Cisco, Microsoft battle for first place

It probably comes as little surprise that the unified communications and collaboration is growing, both in revenue and in number of deployments. It's also likely it's not surprising to hear that cloud--particularly, unified-communications-as-a-service and related service offerings--is driving much of that growth.

Cisco to patch eavesdropping vulnerability on two IP phones

An exploit that could allow an attacker to listen in on VoIP calls made on Cisco SPA3000 and SPA5000 IP phones will be patched after Cisco initially opted not to patch the security flaw, according to a report from  iTnews.

Infographic: Service providers fear DDoS attacks, but are not prepared to handle them

The frequency and severity of distributed denial of service attacks are on the rise, but service providers are not prepared to deal with them, survey finds.

Spotlight: Reducing downtime in app-centric environments

The poor, misunderstood network. It too frequently takes the blame when applications are slow or unavailable.

Appeals court allows rural broadband fund, fueling Title II debate

A three-judge panel in Denver ruled last Friday that the ambiguities between "information" and "telecommunications services" in existing statutes are different for each section.

News Scan: Major security threats ignored; Linux pros gain the upper hand; more

The top news stories for March 18, 2014.

VoIP security often overlooked by enterprises

The security of voice-over-IP infrastructure is often overlooked by enterprises, yet hackers can successfully exploit unprotected IP networks, warns Jon Arnold, principal with J Arnold & Associates.

Why is your desk phone still so dumb?

Still have a desk phone? If you don't next year, maybe the problem isn't that mobile phones have become so smart. Maybe the problem is that the desk phone has stayed so dumb.

ADTRAN announces 2 new IP product releases

ADTRAN, Inc., a leading provider of cloud connectivity, enterprise communications and mobility products, has recently made two major announcements in the IP space.