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Latest Headlines

Skype for Windows Phone 8 update disables People Hub integration

Microsoft is temporarily disabling People Hub integration with the latest version of its Skype application for Windows Phone 8 devices, citing device stability concerns.

Mobile VoIP to get 'second wind', analyst predicts

Mobile VoIP is expected to get a "second wind" over the next five years, due to improvements in network technology, increased competition and a move by mobile operators to join the VoIP space, according to Juniper analyst Anthony Cox.

Enterprises can ride the UC wave they like

Unified communications has gone through two waves and is headed for its third wave, incorporating social media. Whichever wave enterprises choose to ride, there will be vendors ready to offer them the solutions they need.

Spotlight: VoIP startup wrestles with Microsoft over VoIP surveillance patent

VoIP startup VoIP-Pal is taking on IT behemoth Microsoft in a patent battle over VoIP surveillance technology, which enables service providers to comply with government requests to wiretap VoIP conversations.

Avaya's large enterprise customers get roadmap to advanced UC migration

Avaya's large enterprise customers will be able to deploy advanced unified communication (UC) features through the expansion of an agreement with GENBAND announced last week.

Voxbone to provide global DID numbers to Aculab cloud-based platform

Voxbone, a VoIP wholesaler, has signed an agreement with telephony applications provider Aculab to supply international direct inward dial (DID) numbers for Aculab's cloud-based platform, which enables developers to create on-demand automated telephony applications that make, receive and interact with calls.

Spotlight: Hurricane Sandy increases demand for VoIP services

The communications disruption caused by Hurricane Sandy has increased demand for VoIP services, according to VoIP provider Netlinx.

Microsoft links Lync with Skype

As reported by telecom analyst Dave Michels, Microsoft has moved its Lync enterprise unified communications product to its Skype VoIP division. Combining Lync and Skype is a bold move, but if the challenges can be met and overcome, it will pay off for Microsoft in the end.

Gartner expects leaders to emerge as cloud-based UC market matures

Orlando, Fla.--As the cloud-based unified communications market matures, Gartner expects leaders to emerge, according to Gartner Research Director Daniel O'Connell.

Mobile operators fuel DPI market growth, says Infonetics

Mobile operators are increasingly deploying deep packet inspection tools along with 4G services for more granular traffic management and to enable value-added services, tiered services, and improved pricing models, according to Infonetics Research.