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How-to: Make quality VoIP calls at home even while your kid is playing Call of Duty on XBox Live

Are you making VoIP calls in your home office while your spouse is streaming a NetFlix movie to the set top box (STB) and your kid is trying to make it to level 20 on his all night World of Warcraft

Happy Thanksgiving!

Loyal readers, I just wanted to take a minute and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday. FierceVoIP will be taking a break this Thursday to experiment with excess turkey and mash

Voxeo raises $9M for more acquisitions

Voxeo, a Florida-based VoIP provider, has raised $9 million from North Atlantic Capital and Florida Growth Fund. The company claims the new funds will be used to continue its growth through

Broadcom offers open source HD Voice

Broadcom announced that it will offer BroadVoice codecs open source in order to lower the price of HD voice and encourage the technology's growth. The BroadVoice codecs come in two varieties:

Euro-VoIP Telio posts strong Q3

European VoIP provider Telio posted strong numbers in its recent earnings release. Operating profits increased by 43 percent in third quarter 2009 while revenues were up NOK 3.3 million coming in at

Comcast launches HomePoint VoIP Phone/Router, some ask 'why?'

In an extremely limited release, Comcast is putting its HomePoint VoIP phone/router converged device on the market. The new device integrates Comcast's VoIP service with its cable Internet service

Wireless industry makes itself more open in one day

In one day, the wireless industry just made itself significantly more open. No doubt this is in response to the Federal Communication Commission's interest in making net neutrality rules apply to

Mobile VoIP can you hear me now?

Wireless operators have never placed much value in VoIP, preferring to tout cash cow voice and SMS services. However, recent announcements from Verizon Wireless and Telefonica O2 illustrate that

Verizon Business steps onto the cloud

Verizon Business moved into the cloud today with availability of its new Computing as a Service Solution in the U.S. and 15 European counties. The offering aims to provide scalable server, network

Gartner: More than 50% of mobile voice traffic will be VoIP by 2019

In a prediction destined to cause heartburn at mobile carriers around the globe, Gartner says that more than 50 percent of mobile voice traffic will be end-to-end VoIP by 2019. Third-party app-based