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Latest Headlines

Microsoft links Lync with Skype

As reported by telecom analyst Dave Michels, Microsoft has moved its Lync enterprise unified communications product to its Skype VoIP division. Combining Lync and Skype is a bold move, but if the challenges can be met and overcome, it will pay off for Microsoft in the end.

Gartner expects leaders to emerge as cloud-based UC market matures

Orlando, Fla.--As the cloud-based unified communications market matures, Gartner expects leaders to emerge, according to Gartner Research Director Daniel O'Connell.

Mobile operators fuel DPI market growth, says Infonetics

Mobile operators are increasingly deploying deep packet inspection tools along with 4G services for more granular traffic management and to enable value-added services, tiered services, and improved pricing models, according to Infonetics Research.

Verizon's new SMB UC offering: Cloudy, with a chance of VoIP

Tapping into the growing market for cloud-based UC products, Verizon is offering small and medium-sized businesses on a tight IT budgets its cloud-based Virtual Communications Express platform.

Spotlight: Brown inks bill to outlaw VoIP regulation in California

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law that prohibits the state from regulating VoIP services, reports the Capitol Weekly. In August, the California legislation passed the bill that...

IPv6 is coming: Are you prepared?

IPv6 is coming soon, whether IT departments like it or not. So it's best to be prepared rather than ignore or resist the process. That appears to be the philosophy behind the SIP Forum's recent decision to set up a SIP over IPv6 Task Force.

Spotlight: Freevoice expands VoIP customer capacity to over 10,000 channels

With fresh cash from its latest funding round, Freevoice, a Brea, Calif.-based VoIP service provider, is expanding its customer capacity to over 10,000 channels.

SIP Forum launches SIP trunking interoperability testing initiative

As more enterprises undertake SIP trunking migration, interoperability has become a key issue--an issue that the SIP Forum is tackling head on.

TeliaSonera reverses plans to charge for VoIP services in Sweden

Feeling the heat from Swedish subscribers, TeliaSonera, a Stockholm-based telecom carrier, has reversed plans to charge for mobile VoIP services,  MarketWatch is reporting.

Australia's Telstra to expand VoIP beyond business customers

Telstra plans to expand its VoIP offering beyond businesses to consumers, and later to mobile devices.