Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Vonage shares slide as revenue continues to fall in Q1

VoIP provider Vonage (Nasdaq: VG) today reported a second consecutive quarter of lower revenue, as well as lower earnings in the first quarter of 2012; the combination sent the company's share price

California moves toward VoIP deregulation

A California State Senate bill designed to deregulate voice over IP services in California recently passed the California State Senate's Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Committee by a vote

The wireless industry needs new ideas in managing spectrum shortage

Wireless companies do have options beyond just buying up spectrum.

Virtutone turns up wholesale VoIP division

VoIP provider Virtutone Networks has launched a wholesale division through which it will provide telephony services to other carriers. The company will use the new division to see VoIP services to

VoIP Supply rolls out new conferencing bundles

VoIP Supply is targeting enterprise customers with its new LifeSize Connections HD Bundles, a cloud-based, HD videoconferencing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering. The packages come with

Cisco expands tech offerings for SMBs with focus on mobility, cloud

Over the past several months, Cisco has refocused its business back to its core products: networking gear. It has been a gut check, of sorts, for the company aimed at assuring service providers and

Italian operator selects Zhone to help with VoIP, high-speed Internet deployment

Zhone Technologies announced a new multiple access line concentrator deployment with Italian regional operator Convergenze. The deployment will allow Convergenze to increase its network bandwidth and

Fonality uses E-Rate to help schools upgrade communications technology

Fonality has received its E-Rate certification from the Universal Service Administration Company, meaning it can assist school district customers in leveraging cost-effective advanced communications

Study: European operators regularly block VoIP traffic

A Europen telecom regulator is accusing telecom companies of routinely using traffic management rules to interfere with VoIP traffic as well as peer-2-peer file sharing. Data from some 400 European

NetTalk launches Wi-Fi VoIP device, service at Target stores

VoIP provider netTalk, which has been aggressively expanding the shelf presence of its VoIP phone, netTalk Duo, at a number of U.S. stores, said it plans to roll out netTalk Duo Wi-Fi in early April.