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Latest Headlines

QUICKLINKS: Security risks come bundled with VoIP; Wireless connectivity arrives in remote Amazon city; and much more...

> Security risks may be higher than you think with VoIP. Article > Wireless connectivity arrives in remote

Expert: VoIP will open data doors to phishers

There has long been a big security warning with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and yet enterprises are rolling out VoIP networks everywhere and anywhere. However, everyone might want to take

QUICKLINKS: Singapore piloting a WiFi network; Wal-Mart expands RFID deployment; Much more...

Singapore piloting a WiFi network. Article Wal-Mart expands RFID deployment with 1,000 locations online.

ALSO NOTED: Vendors unite to push VoIP, wireless ahead; NY hands off wireless net project to Northrop; and much more...

> Vendors unite to push VoIP, wireless ahead. Article > NY

SPOTLIGHT: Network convergence requires special skills

Networks are converging and while the benefits are pretty clear, the management task will pose some challenge for enterprises. That's due to the complexities of meshing SIP-based Voice over

QUICKLINKS: Mobile phone connections will hit 3 billion by end of next year; Wireless gambling technology heading into Vegas;;

>Mobile phone connections will hit 3 billion by the end of next year. Article >Wireless gambling

Editor's Corner

The small and medium-sized enterprise needs every advantage it can get in order to compete and that's essentially what's driving the business sector towards mobile technologies. A new

To VoIP or not to VoIP: How to make the right decision

There's been a lot written about Voice over Internet Protocol, the security issues that wrap around it and the integration issues inherent to deploying a new type of network. Lots of ink has been

SPOTLIGHT: New tech for avoiding your co-workers

Haven't heard of asynchronous voice yet? That won't be the case for much longer if a new voice mail system takes hold. The new application lets you leave messages for someone without the chance of

ALSO NOTED: A computing grid that tracks storms; Why backup power costs are rising; and much more...

> A computing grid that tracks storms. Article > Why backup power costs