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Latest Headlines

Opera launches free unlimited VPN app for iPhones and iPads

Opera Software, maker of the Opera web browser, launched on Monday a free virtual private network app with unlimited data usage for iPhones and iPads.

Spotlight: Opera offers free VPN service with unlimited bandwidth, built directly into the beta

Opera has released a free VPN service with unlimited bandwidth, an article at PCWorld reported.

VPN shopper, rejoice! There's a huge comparison chart just for you

Reddit user That One Privacy Guy has painstakingly crafted a color-coded comparison chart that details everything you could ever think to ask about more than 125 large and small VPN services. 

Juniper warns of 'unauthorized' spy code in its firewall

Networking giant Juniper said that it found unauthorized code in ScreenOS designed to spy on encrypted traffic. This code made it possible for an attacker with the right access on the device to monitor VPN communications and decrypt the data.

Pining for greater visibility on the home network

As someone who works exclusively from a home office, I have a good setup. I do my own thing. The network is fairly basic. I keep my OS patched, my software-based firewall active and my antivirus updated. But because of the simplicity and consumer nature of my so-called architecture, I'm also missing certain features that could help to troubleshoot problems when they arise.

Cisco's AnyConnect VPN client now works on Apple's iOS 9 devices

A bug in Apple's iOS 9 update disrupted split tunneling used by Cisco's popular AnyConnect VPN client for iOS. The bug was not fixed in Apple's subsequent updates to iOS 9, but Cisco said Thursday that the problem has been fixed.

Apple's iOS 9 might improve security, but not if you need a VPN connection

While Apple and vendors are touting the security benefits of the latest Apple mobile operating system, at least one security feature has been disrupted by the release of iOS 9. It seems iOS 9 breaks virtual private network connections to corporate servers.

Hola shows why 'free' sometimes comes at a price

Free peer-to-peer VPN service Hola is apparently not as secure as the company likes to claim. According to a Network World article, Hola sold bandwidth of its 47 million users and also contains several security vulnerabilities that could open up users to botnet infections and other malicious types.

Pulse Secure unveils central policy manager for remote access of mobile devices, PCs

Pulse Secure, a security spinoff of Juniper Networks, unveiled Tuesday at RSA its Pulse One central policy manager for remote access of mobile devices and PCs.

SBCs can help with BYOD security

Session border controllers used to control VoIP traffic can also be employed to secure BYOD devices, argues Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research.