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Latest Headlines

Android security hole could enable attackers to bypass VPN

An Android vulnerability could enable an attacker to bypass a secure virtual private network connection and divert traffic from the Android device to a system controlled by the attacker, according to researchers at Ben-Gurion University's Cyber Security Labs in Israel.

CrowdStrike founder reveals significant mobile vulnerability

CrowdStrike Chief Executive and Co-founder George Kurtz reports discovering a new browser vulnerability that affects every Android and iOS device, and most BlackBerry devices. He says it will bypass

3LM, BoxTone collaborate to make Android enterprise ready

SAN DIEGO--Motorola Mobility (NYSE: MMI) subsidiary Three Laws of Mobility (3LM) and enterprise mobility management company BoxTone have created an alliance designed to deliver enterprise-ready

HTC working on solution to Android smartphone vulnerability

HTC acknowledged that several of its Android-powered smartphones harbor a vulnerability that could be exploited by third-party applications. The vulnerability could give third-party apps the ability

Skype admits security flaw in Android app

Skype has admitted to reports that its VoIP application for Android devices contains a flaw that could give hackers access to private user information that includes names, email addresses, contacts

Flaw in Android OS makes data vulnerable

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is working on a patch to fix a flaw in the Android operating system that would allow a malicious website to obtain the contents of any file stored on the device's SD card.

Survey: Majority of companies don't authenticate mobile devices

A new survey of CIOs shows that eight out of 10 of them believe smartphone use in the workplace increases their company's vulnerability to cyber attacks. The CIOs rank data breaches as the top

RIM warns of vulnerabilities in PDF distiller

Research in Motion (RIM) issued a security alert that warns of an attack vector targeting its software when BlackBerry users access PDF files. RIM found flaws in the BlackBerry Attachment Service

BlackBerry browser bug makes users vulnerable to phishing attacks

A newly identified BlackBerry browser bug is making the majority of BlackBerry smartphone users vulnerable to phishing scams, Research In Motion revealed. RIM said it has released to operators a new

Symbian accidentally approves text message worm

The Symbian Foundation accidentally approved what security experts are labeling as a text message worm. According to virus experts at F-Secure, the worm, known under several names that include Yxe,