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Latest Headlines

Credit card skimmers at Walmart locations resemble skimmer kit

Credit card skimmers – which capture customers' card information at POS systems – have recently been found in connection with a string of Walmart thefts in Fredericksburg, Va., and Fort Wright, Ky. And the thieves may be using skimmers that are part of a criminal kit.

Typesafe gets new name, brings open source microservices framework to Java development

Developer-focused Typesafe has a new name and a new microservices framework aimed at enterprises doing Java development. Now known as Lightbend, the company is launching Lagom.

Walmart goes open source with development and lifecycle management offering

If you'd told me a couple of years ago that one day I'd be writing about Walmart and DevOps in the same article, I probably would have laughed.

Walmart accused of turning big data on workers supporting rise in minimum pay

Commercial companies most commonly use big data to understand customers and to parse and predict their actions, but Walmart has been accused of using it to spy on workers taking part in the employee action group OUR Walmart, short for the Organization United for Respect at Walmart. Publicly, the giant retailer called the group's actions "just another union publicity stunt," but privately it considers the group enough of a threat to solicit surveillance aid from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and Lockheed Martin.

Google plans to begin drone deliveries in 2017

Google expects that Project Wing – its drone delivery service – will be up and running sometime in 2017, according to an article at BBC News.

Spotlight: Walmart gets cloudy with OpenStack

OpenStack has been growing in popularity as a private cloud option, but Walmart doesn't seem like the kind of company that would jump into the open source world. Apparently it is, though.

Apple Pay makes mobile payments less 'clunky, funky and junky'

The recently introduced Apple Pay makes mobile payments less "clunky, funky and junky," writes Samuel Greengard, a contributor to Baseline Magazine.

Data wars: Retailers vs Apple Pay, Google Wallet and credit card issuers

Just one week after Apple Pay--a NFC pay system for Apple devices--went into full swing, CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart batted it out of play. But it's not only Apple Pay that's getting slammed; Google Wallet and other contactless pay systems are hit too. What's the fuss about? Data. 

Apple Pay's first week sees double charge glitch, retailers balking at service

Apple Pay has faced its share of adversity since its official launch one week ago. Whether accidentally double charging some user accounts or retailers balking at the service, the release of Apple's new mobile payment method has been anything but smooth.

News Scan: Walmart pumps up mobile offerings; Chicago to debut mobile ticketing; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Oct. 16, including a bump in mobile investing for Walmart, bridging the mobile language divide in Canada, how to wirelessly connect your building, Chicago looks to an app for public transportation ticketing and the hidden gift to marketers in iOS 8.