Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Enterprises turn to M2M to gain a competitive advantage

Enterprises are fueling the growth of machine-to-machine (M2M) connections as they strive to gain an advantage over competitors, improve business agility and lower operational costs, judges Godfrey Chua with Infonetics Research.

Consumerization can come with high price

When deciding on new technologies, companies historically have placed heavy emphasis on features, quality, performance, manageability, scalability, the vendor's reliability, terms and conditions. Price often was considered last in selecting legacy systems, leading Bob Lewis at InfoWorld to ask why economics looms so large in discussions about cloud-based technologies.

Lenovo to launch ThinkPad laptops with Intel's anti-theft technology

Anti-theft technology is all the rage now, not surprising given high profile data breach cases involving the loss of laptops. Add to that the fact that the shipment of laptops has now surpassed that