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Latest Headlines

Wearable tech to grow 'exponentially' this year, predicts Visiongain

The wearable technology market is expected to grow "exponentially" in revenue and number of devices this year, forecasts market research firm Visiongain.

'Robust selection' of apps will be key to enterprise adoption of smart wearables, says IDC

A key to success for smart wearable devices in the enterprise, as well as the consumer marketplace, will be a "robust selection of third-party applications," observes market research firm IDC.

Rumor mill: Apple beefs up iWatch staff, develops 'healthbook' app

Not being one to wear their intentions on their sleeve, executives at Apple are staying mum about rumors concerning their efforts to develop the so-called "iWatch." Still, rumors continue to circulate, the latest being that a team of more than 200 people has now been assigned to work on the project.

Enterprises will be initial targets of smartglass vendors, predicts ABI

Enterprises will be the initial targets of smartglass vendors, because high prices, low battery battery life and style issues will inhibit smartglass adoption in the consumer market, judges ABI Research.

News Scan: VoLTE spending on the rise; Apple, Samsung lead semiconductor purchasers; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Friday, 1/24 including: VoLTE spending, Apple and Samsung's top spots in semiconductor spending, Bluetooth's role in driving mobile commerce growth, consumer reaction to wearable devices and how spectrum license fee increases in the U.K. could slow 4G deployment.

Wearables will wow them in Vegas

Wearable devices will be the focus of attention at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show being held next week in Las Vegas.

Will enterprises need to change BYOD policies to accommodate wearables?

As CIOs and IT departments struggle to develop policies and deploy technologies to address BYOD smartphones and tablets in the workplace, a new challenge looms over the horizon--wearable devices.

Wearable devices need clearer use cases for mainstream adoption, says Strategy Analytics

Wearable devices need clearer use cases for widespread adoption, judges Paul Brown, director of Strategy Analytics' user experience innovation practice.

Enterprises should handle wearable devices like other mobile devices, says Citrix's Redman

Enterprises should handle wearable devices like any other mobile device, if and when they enter the workplace in significant numbers, advises Phil Redman, vice president of mobile solutions and strategy at Citrix.

Wearable device apps will drive sales to 125M units by 2017

Applications for smartwatches, smartglasses and fitness bands will drive sales of wearable devices, which are forecast by Strategy Analytics to reach 125 million units by 2017.