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Latest Headlines

Intel unveils security bracelet that unlocks the wearer's computer

Intel unveiled Tuesday at its developers' forum a wearable specifically designed for the enterprise – a security bracelet that authenticates the wearer and unlocks his or her computer.

How big data is driving consumerization in healthcare

I often report on data consumerization here in FierceBigData, but it's important to note how data consumerization is in turn driving the consumerization of other things and services too....

Salesforce pushes 20 enterprise apps to Apple Watch

In a move to bring more business use cases to the device, Salesforce revealed 20 Apple Watch apps yesterday that provide actionable information at a glance. That could be good news for early adopters as the Apple Watch has yet to provide many enterprise users with a robust enough offering to justify the its price tag.

Microsoft takes Translator app to Apple Watch, Android Wear

On an overseas business trip and need to translate a phrase without missing a beat? Microsoft may have the solution with the Thursday release of its Translator app on the Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Underwriters Laboratories to create security framework for wearables

When users and enterprises become interested in certain technologies, so do hackers. It makes sense, right? More users mean more potential data to steal. To prevent this from happening, Underwriters Laboratories is creating security guidelines to help wearables makers ensure they're implementing adequate security precautions.

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New health app acts in real-time on incoming Apple HealthKit data

Look for more apps to arrive that act on user health data – from wearables to medical lab reports – to prompt users to take preventative or emergency action.

Insurance company finds success in Google Glass trial

A 90-year-old insurance company has found success in Google Glass, according to an article at Baseline. Pennsylvania-based Erie Insurance Group suited up their adjusters with the smartglasses in December 2014 and wrapped up the trial in February of this year.

Tempered Glass: Google's revamped smartglasses project will reportedly focus on the enterprise

It seems that the latest push for Google Glass – which the company never truly gave up on – will focus on the workplace and professionals who would benefit from a hands-free, eye-activated computer system. Reports of unnamed sources "familiar" with the next iteration of Google Glass said the company has started referring to the project as "Enterprise Edition" or "Google Glass EE."

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