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Latest Headlines

Wearable technology--what's right for your workplace?

Bill Bartow writes that wearable technologies are poised to take the workplace by storm, and hold promise of cost savings and increased productivity benefits for many companies.

Lord of the Ring: Mobile payment at your fingertips

Ever wanted to pay your restaurant tab by waving your finger in the air? Well, a startup in Japan is developing a "ring" worn on your index finger that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and sends the payment electronically, explains a report by BBC News.

News Scan: Retailers buying up mobile startups; Rise and fall of Flappy Bird; more

Quick rundowns on the latest mobile IT for Friday, 2/14 including: why retailers are making a fuss over the acquisition of mobile startups, heart-rate monitors and sports devices will continue to run the wearables market, why the creator of Flappy Bird has retired his wings and his addictive game, who Verizon is targeting with its M2M initiatives and what the expected legalization of mobile gambling in U.S. states will do for the industry.

News Scan: M2M growth sector specific; Auto makers integrate wearables; more

Quick rundown on the latest mobile IT news for Monday, 2/10 including: where the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine market will grow fastest, auto makers eagerness to jump into incorporating wearables, why rugged device manufacturers are feeling the pressure, why enterprises should focus on apps versus devices when it comes to BYOD security and a new app which will increase InMobi's customer engagement five-fold.