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Latest Headlines

Wearables shipments surge 67.2% to 19.7M units in Q1, says IDC

Total shipment volumes for wearables jumped 67.2 percent in the first quarter of 2016, reaching 19.7 million units in the quarter, according to IDC. The top wearable vendors are Fitbit, Xiaomi, Apple, Garmin, Samsung, and BBK.

Shipments of enterprise and industrial wearables to top 66M by 2021, says Tractica

Fueled by high levels of interest and market momentum, worldwide shipments of wearables for enterprise and industrial use are forecast by market research firm Tractica to increase from 2.3 million last year to 66.4 million units by 2021, or a cumulative total of 171.9 million wearables shipped between 2015 and 2021.

Healthcare wearables will bring $17.8B in yearly revenue by 2021, says Tractica

The health care wearables industry is growing at an exponential rate, and it's not just because of fitness trackers and smartwatches, according to new statistics from research firm Tractica.

Enterprise wearables are beyond pilot programs- they're ready for the big time

Enterprises wearables are past the point of pilot projects and are now being put to real use in businesses, according to a new white paper published by research firm Tractica.

Apps are key to wearables' user satisfaction – in the workplace or the gym

If wearable devices are to be indispensable tools in the workplace, they're going to need enterprise applications that satisfy users and promote productivity.

Fear of fraud may overpower convenience of wearable payments

The jury is still out on the security of wearable devices with payment functions, and the fear of fraud may overpower the convenience factor, according to an article at Bloomberg.

Thank smartwatches for wearable shipment growth

It's pretty safe to say that smartwatches and the evolution of those devices are what's driving the growth of wearables shipments, as IDC is the latest research firm to declare it.

Dutch Data Protection Authority says companies can't collect health data from employee wearables

After examining two unnamed companies, the Netherlands' Data Protection Authority ruled Tuesday that employers cannot gather employee data via wearables – even if employees are okay with it.

What the lack of consumer interest in smartwatches could mean for enterprise wearables

Consumers are less than enthusiastic about smartwatches, and according to survey results released Monday by ABI Research, most of them think smartwatches are superfluous. But what could this mean for the enterprise?

Emerging wearables, new data to rapidly grow in market share by 2021

Trifacta, a market intelligence firm, found in a new research report that the wearables market will soon see a rapid uptick in emerging wearable categories including body sensors, smart clothing, wearable cameras, smart glasses, and an increasing diversity of niche devices. And with these new wearables comes an almost infinite amount of new data.