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Latest Headlines

Salesforce relies on users to develop popular wearable enterprise apps

Many companies aiming to push their enterprise platforms to wearables have faced a hurdle in the form of building relevant use cases for their customers. One success story, Salesforce, has created a popular wearable experience by giving control of app development to the person who knows the user best--the user himself.

5 in 5: Five questions for GE Capital CTO Eric Reed

For our new series, "5 in 5,"  FierceCIO  asks IT Leaders five quick questions in five minutes to learn a little bit more about their roles, their backgrounds and their predictions for the industry.  

Don't let your Apple Watch take down your whole company

Excited to use an Apple Watch in the workplace? It could cost you and your employer dearly, if the data on your watch isn't secured.

Vidyo teams with Vuzix to bring wearables-based 'see-what-I-see' tech to the enterprise

Video collaboration company Vidyo is partnering with smartglasses maker Vuzix to bring wearables-based videoconferencing and "see-what-I-see" technology to enterprises.

Apple Watch more novelty than data-driven gadget

Apple Watch looks cool--anything Apple makes always does. But its introduction yesterday failed to clearly define its use in personal or business terms. Without a clearly defined purpose unique to the Apple Watch and separate but complementary to other devices, it's hard to imagine a reason to buy it--or to track data from it.

There's not much reason--yet--to use Apple Watch

Apple unveiled its Apple Watch today, primarily showing off apps that you can already use on your phone. Now it's up to developers to come up with novel use cases for the watch. 

Apple Watch apps like BetterWorks could give the wearable enterprise viability

Enterprise goal-sharing platform BetterWorks Wednesday announced its plan to launch an app for the Apple Watch, bringing what could be a verifiable workplace use case to what many view so far as a consumer product.

Wearables in the enterprise: Think Microsoft's HoloLens, not Apple Watch

While many IT departments are dreading the flood of personal wearables into the workplace, it's a worry they probably won't need to address for many years. More immediately, wearables will come into the enterprise as devices specifically built for that environment. Think Microsoft's HoloLens, not Apple Watch.

Kinetic wearable aims to eliminate workplace injuries

Warehouse employees may suffer fewer back injuries on the job with the help of a new wearable device from New York City-based tech startup  Kinetic.

Clearly not a fashion accessory, Sony SmartEyeglass has enterprise potential

Just when you thought the smartglass competition couldn't get more interesting, Sony now allows for pre-orders of its SmartEyeglass Developer Edition wearable. The wearable has a number of enterprise use cases, including on the factory floor, in the field fighting fires, and in the hospital monitoring vital signs.