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Latest Headlines

Google reportedly working on 3 Google Glass successors

Google is reportedly working on three new prototypes to succeed its original Google Glass device, according to a report from The Information.

After Paris: Turning wearables into eyewitness accounts of terrorism

The free world is mourning the tremendous loss of human life to terrorist attacks in Paris this past weekend. As of this writing, details of the attacks were still being sorted out, but ISIS took credit for the carnage. While virtually no one disputes the claim of responsibility, the world still knows little about what actually happened in each of the separate but coordinated attacks. In the future though, wearables may erase most or all such uncertainties. Here's how.

Confusion reigns when it comes to wearables, IoT and BYOD in the enterprise

Since the emergence of wearable devices and the Internet of Things, BYOD has gotten even more complicated. Surveys conducted by Tech Pro Research, a joint venture between TechRepublic and ZDNet, over the last couple of years have shown confusion and uncertainty among companies about how to incorporate wearables and IoT devices into their BYOD plans.

North America leads global mobile industry, says GSMA study

GSMA released a new study Tuesday that shows North America is the world leader in the adoption of new mobile technology like 4G and LTE networks, mobile commerce, Internet of Things and wearable devices.

Enterprise wearables industry will be worth $6.3B in 5 years, says Tractica

The enterprise wearable technology market is booming and will reach $6.3 billion in revenue come 2020, according to data released Thursday by market research firm Tractica. This compares with $218 million in revenue the enterprise wearable industry is estimated to generate this year.

App developers are slow to support Apple Watch

Application developers are taking their sweet time developing apps for Apple Watch, and the jury's still out on what the incentives are for app makers who support the wearable, according to information released by research firm Strategy Analytics.

Fossil Q wearable with Intel tech can function with most smartphones

Fossil is giving folks a look at its Fossil Q line of connected wearables that was developed with chip giant Intel.

Apple watchOS 2 released after delay caused by bug

Apple officially released Monday its watchOS 2 update with a number of security patches. The updated operating system was supposed to arrive Sept. 16, but was delayed due to an unspecified unspecified bug found in development.

Fitbit ups corporate wellness ante with HIPAA compliance

Fitness wearable maker Fitbit announced Wednesday its compliance with HIPAA regulations, enabling its corporate wellness product Fitbit Wellness to be more attractive to businesses.

Spotlight: Wearable device shipments to jump 164% this year, says IDC

Wearable shipments are forecast by IDC to reach 76.1 million units this year, up an aggressive 163.6 percent from the 28.9 million units shipped in 2014.