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Latest Headlines

Apple fixes 17 security holes in Safari's WebKit engine

Apple has plugged 17 security vulnerabilities in the Safari browser's WebKit engine, which renders Web pages in the browser.

Opera unveils gesture-based Coast browser for Apple's iPad

Opera Software introduced Coast, a Web-browsing application optimized for Apple's bestselling iPad tablet.

WebKit-powered Opera 15 released

Opera this week released Opera 15, its first desktop browser that incorporates the open-source WebKit instead of its own homegrown rendering engine. Opera Software had announced its decision to adopt WebKit in February this year, citing its performance and adherence to standards. Opera has also switched to Google's V8 JavaScript engine.

Opera for Android exits beta, touts new Web access features

Opera Software is rolling out the finalized version of its WebKit-based mobile browser for Google's Android operating system.

Google drops WebKit to create its own Blink browser engine

Google has announced that it will be dropping the WebKit browser engine that the Chrome browser has been based on. Google engineers will instead work on a "fork," or copy, that will be developed as a separate project named "Blink."

Google splits with Apple on WebKit, launches Blink browser project

Google is launching Blink, an open-source rendering engine spinning out of WebKit, the engine powering browsers including the company's own Chrome as well as archrival Apple's Safari.

Opera launches WebKit-powered Android browser beta

Less than a month after confirming plans to scrap its Presto rendering engine in favor of WebKit, Opera Software released the first version of its WebKit-based mobile browser for Google's Android operating system.

Report: Opera workforce shrinks 10% with migration to WebKit

More than 90 Opera Software employees have exited the browser maker's ranks as it shifts from its own Presto rendering engine to WebKit, a move to increase its competitiveness on Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Opera begins shift to WebKit engine as browser users top 300M

Opera Software, the company behind the popular mobile browser of the same name, confirmed it will scrap its Presto rendering engine in favor of WebKit, a move to increase its competitiveness on Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Sophisticated man-in-the-middle attacks target Android banking information

McAfee, the Intel-owned security company, says it has discovered a new form of Android malware that pairs man-in-the-middle with a remote-controlled banking Trojan. The motive so far seems to be to