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Latest Headlines

Banks with many mobile apps should deploy banking app store, says Gartner

Banks with many mobile banking apps should use banking app stores to help customers find the apps they need, recommends Kristen Moyer, research vice president at Gartner.

Hackers had access to LaCie USA customer credit card data for a year

LaCie USA, the U.S. unit of French hardware maker LaCie, has admitted that hackers were able to access its customers' credit and debit card information and other transaction data from its website for a year.

SQL injection attacks: Stop the madness

Successful SQL injection attacks are rampant, despite the fact that SQL injection holes have been around for many years and can be easily fixed in the app development stage.

A data breach that was 'Made In Oregon'

Hackers were able to breach the website of Made in Oregon, an e-commerce store that sells Oregonian products, and gain access to credit card data and other personal information on 1,700 customers, KGW.com is reporting.