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Latest Headlines

WhatsApp data leak discloses unsavory tactics by doctors in contract talks with UK government

A data leak of private messages sent via WhatsApp revealed that junior doctor members of the British Medical Association intentionally drew out their contract dispute with the U.K. government for more than a year.

How Facebook became my go-to communications tool

I've lost track of the number of various text-based chat apps that have been installed on my phones over the last several years. SMS messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Skype – and I'm pretty sure there are many, many more.

WhatsApp gets 7 year itch, dumps BlackBerry

It appears that WhatsApp might have the seven year itch. Shortly after celebrating its seventh anniversary, Facebook's mobile messaging app said it was dumping the BlackBerry operating system and a number of other older operating systems by the end of the year.

Spotlight: AdaptiveMobile unveils product to secure popular messaging apps

AdaptiveMobile launched on Tuesday Messaging App Security, a product to secure messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Kik, from cyberthreats.

Cybercriminals target WhatsApp users with malware-laden spam attack

Cybercriminals are sending bogus emails claiming to be providing official WhatsApp content, but delivering malware instead, according to a blog post by Comodo Antispam Labs.

WhatsApp crashes on New Year's Eve

Popular Facebook-owned mobile messaging app WhatsApp had a major outage on New Year's Eve, according to Down Detector, a website that tracks outages and service interruptions.

Report: Google developing mobile messaging app with AI to answer search queries

Google is developing a mobile messaging app that uses artificial intelligence and chatbot technology to provide answers to search queries, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter.

WhatsApp's new iOS voice call update could be a headache for businesses

As WhatsApp rolls out a voice-calling feature for its iOS app, businesses might feel an impact. 

WhatsApp comes to the desktop via a Web browser

WhatsApp has announced a Web version of its popular messaging app on the Chrome Web browser.

WhatsApp starts implementing end-to-end encryption for Android users

WhatsApp has announced that it is in the midst of implementing end-to-end encryption to scramble all messages sent by its users by default.