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Latest Headlines

Hackers breach State Department's unclassified email system

The U.S. State Department's unclassified email system was breached by hackers at the same time that the White House network was breached, according to a report by Nextgov.

Report: Russian government hackers appear to be behind White House network hack

Russian government hackers appear to be behind a breach of the White House's computer networks, according to a report by The Washington Post.

White House launches special ops web fix team; British school children learn the art of cyber warfare; More

The top news stories for August 13, 2014.  

News Scan: Signs of a top-notch IT pro; White House, FCC IT leaders give advice to fellow government CIOs;

Top news for July 1, 2014.

Privacy onus may shift from individual to data users

Another related White House report was issued on the same day as Podesta's report. This report is from the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. While I have the utmost respect for the esteemed Council, I cannot agree totally with their conclusions regarding privacy protections in the collection of data.

Obama should push Congress to beef up big data privacy protections, says report

A White House report issued this month is recommending that President Barack Obama push Congress to pass a number of pieces of legislation to strengthen privacy protections in an era of big data.

White House needs to buckle down on big data, privacy

While White House counselor John Podesta didn't reveal details in an interview with the Associated Press ahead of giving the report to President Obama next week, he did make reference to discrimination concerns found in the review. Most believe Podesta is referring to housing and employment discrimination but it is likely that it may also address pricing, health, credit and other forms of discrimination. 

Berkeley professor: We've had big data privacy issues since 1970s

Last week UC Berkeley held a daylong workshop on "Big Data: Values and Governance." It was yet one more example of how discussions pertaining to big data use and related privacy issues are increasingly being held publicly rather than behind closed doors. And this is as it should be.

Spotlight: White House asks for public input on big data and privacy

John Podesta, Counselor to the President, wrote a blog post on WhiteHouse.gov asking for input from the public on big data and privacy issues.

News Scan: Carriers target enterprises with VoLTE; Will Obama do the Droid?; more

Quick rundown on the latest mobile IT stories for Friday, 3/21 including: the hot demand for VoLTE services by carriers, tests for Android phone use in the traditionally pro-BlackBerry White House has begun, why mobile paid search bargains is ending, BlackBerry's plan to sell more than 3 million square feet of real estate in Canada and the use of iBeacons to offer ticket upgrades to sports fans in the nosebleed section.