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Latest Headlines

MetroLab Network adds 13 new city-university partnerships

MetroLab Network, launched as part of the White House's Smart Cities Initiative in September 2015, added 13 new city-university partnerships, which now brings the total members to 35 city-university partnerships, all of which are focused on incorporating data, analytics, and innovation into local government programs.

Spotlight: White House names national cybersecurity commission members

The White House on Wednesday announced the names of the members of its Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity.

White House launches new open data effort for local community use

The White House launched a new open data effort called The Opportunity Project designed to open and expand opportunities at the community level through the use of readily available, user-friendly federal and local data. Through data visualization, civic leaders, community organizations, families and individuals can readily identify "critical resources such as access to jobs, housing, transportation, schools, and other neighborhood amenities." Civic leaders can also readily see where inequality exists in access to resources and take corrective measures.

Spotlight: White House expected to announce cybersecurity budget increases

The White House will reportedly announce a drastic increase in cybersecurity spending today, according to Computerworld.

Spotlight: Amazon spends big on lobbying

Amazon spent $9.4 million on lobbying in 2015, a figure that puts it in the company of other big spenders like Microsoft and Facebook.

Would your IT manager go rogue for $2,000?

Would your IT manager become a hacker for $2,000 or less? Maybe.

OMB's Cobert takes over as acting OPM director following Archuleta's resignation

Beth Cobert, deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget, will take over as acting director of the Office of Personnel Management followilng the resignation of Katherine Archuleta.

Tech firms petition Obama over mobile phone data privacy concerns

More than 140 technolocy companies have joined forces in urging President Obama to reject legislation that they say would create "backdoor access" to personal information stored on mobile phones.

Russian hackers behind breach of White House network

Russian hackers who breached the State Department's computer systems were apparently behind a cyberattack on the White House that breached sensitive areas of its unclassified network, according to a  report  by CNN citing U.S. officials familiar with the investigation.

Executive order could lead to severe sanctions against foreign hackers, if they can be identified

President Barack Obama's new executive order could mean severe sanctions against foreign hackers, if they can be clearly identified.