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Latest Headlines

Joining the Wi-Fi mile high club

Conference centers are much further along the Wi-Fi adoption curve than the typical airline, many of which still appear to be stuck in the Dark Ages of days gone by. If you're like me, you like to work on those hours flying between home and conferences, but Wi-Fi is only beginning to emerge on airplanes. Hands up. How many of you have spent the last 10 minutes before a flight downloading a bunch of files simply so you can do some work while you're in the air?

IBM wants to help sports venues cater to mobile fans

IBM unveiled Thursday two initiatives that aim to revitalize the fan experience at sports venues through mobile and Web engagement.

iPass inks Wi-Fi deal with Deutsche Telekom for enterprise customers

Wi-Fi network provider iPass announced Tuesday that it is expanding its partnership with telecom company Deutsche Telekom to offer DT's enterprise customers unlimited access to iPass networks of more than 20 million Wi-Fi hotspots globally.

Wi-Fi alternative Li-Fi could solve radio spectrum problems

In search of a replacement for Wi-Fi, many researchers and vendors are turning to light-based networking systems. Earlier this year, Oxford University unveiled its own light-based wireless technology, dubbed "Li-Fi" at the time.

Spotlight: Industry group formed to promote IoT use of unlicensed LTE spectrum

Companies interested in promoting the use of unlicensed LTE spectrum for the Internet of Things and other mobile uses launched Monday a coalition called Evolve.

Juniper, Aerohive partner for cloud-managed networking for enterprises

Juniper Networks and Aerohive Networks have paired their wired and wireless technologies for simple cloud-based managed networks aimed at the enterprise, as well as education and state and local government.

InvizBox unveils Go prototype that provides mobile users a VPN over public Wi-Fi

To help calm IT security fears about public Wi-Fi, startup InvizBox unveiled a prototype device that sets up a secure connection, either through a virtual private network connection or connection to the Tor network, for employees or anyone else using public Wi-Fi.

Spotlight: How NIST hopes to solve the wireless spectrum problem

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is trying to solve the problem of not enough wireless spectrum for the various technologies using it.

Cambium pushes 802.11ac management to the cloud

Cambium Networks took the wraps off of cnPilot, a new product portfolio of 802.11ac wireless network products that are fully managed from the cloud.

Fortinet introduces new cloud-managed WLAN access points

Fortinet launched a new series of wireless LAN access points that are managed by its FortiCloud management system. The new FortiAP-S series of APs are being touted as secure Wi-Fi APs with Fortinet's cybersecurity technology running right on them.