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Latest Headlines

Mysterious 'System' jacks up cellular data usage in Windows 10 Mobile phones

Users of smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile are reporting that their phones are connecting to the cellular network for data even when Wi-Fi is available, which is pushing some of them over their data caps, reported Paul Thurrott with Thurrott.com.

Enterprise use is helping drive rapid growth of in-building mobile data traffic, says ABI

Fueled in part by increasing enterprise use, in-building mobile data traffic is forecast by ABI Research to growth by more than 600 percent by 2020.

Spotlight: Celeno simplifies home network management with software controller

Celeno Communications unveiled a product at the Consumer Electronics Show that provides zero touch provisioning and self-optimization of home Wi-Fi, even if it's across multiple access points, repeaters, extenders, IoT hubs and gateways.

Qualcomm aims to simplify Wi-Fi home office networking with SON technology

Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi, right? Aside from speeds and radio bands used, there generally seems very little difference between different vendors' wireless networking options, particularly in the home. New technology from Qualcomm Atheros may change that, though.

5 important networking acquisitions of 2015

The networking industry, like any industry that has been around for so long, always seems to be in the midst of consolidations. Larger vendors frequently purchase smaller companies, beefing up specific capabilities to address enterprise customer needs or buying their way into emerging markets.

The crystal ball shows more of the same in 2016

Enterprise networking and, to a lesser extent, unified communications has a tendency to stall for years at a time with incremental improvements and slow evolution of the technologies involved. The last couple of years have been promising more rapid changes within the space, though.

Google opens up Project Fi to data-only devices

Google announced Tuesday its Project Fi wireless carrier has started supporting data-only devices.

Seeing the light in networking

As we come ever closer to the final days of 2015, I've been thinking back to much of the news we've covered in FierceEnterpriseCommunications this year. Besides the trends of software-defined networking and open networking, one of the interesting trends I've enjoyed writing about is the use of light in some way in networking.

Philips strikes collaboration deal with Cisco on networked lighting

The case for installing networking capabilities into lighting just got stronger. Philips, one of the world's largest manufacturers of light bulbs, has inked a deal with Cisco, SAP and Bosch to work on networked lighting technologies.

Aruba updates mobile engagement product, adds beacon analytics feature

Aruba Networks unveiled on Wednesday an update to its mobile engagement suite, which enables enterprise to manage their beacons regardless of the Wi-Fi networks they use. In addition, Aruba is adding big data analytics to enable enterprises to gather and measure data on user engagement with the beacons.